Reuse Hub

Welcome to the Reuse Hub, where you'll find tips on how to reuse items, so they don't end up in landfill!


Did you know ‘reuse’ is at the top of the waste hierarchy, under ‘reduce’ but higher up than ‘recycle’? Generally, the higher up the waste hierarchy, the bigger the positive impact on our environment.

Why is reusing things so good for the environment? Because it keeps our valuable resources and materials in use and out of landfills. Every time you reuse, share, borrow or buy second-hand, you’re reducing the need to make new products. And that reduces our consumption of water, energy, fuel, natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions!

There are many ways to donate, trade, borrow, buy or sell pre-loved items so they are used for as long as possible, reducing your impact on the environment. Examples include community recycling programs, charity 'op shops', swap parties, tool libraries and online marketplaces.