Upcycling Tutorials

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With the rise of 'fast furniture' it is not uncommon to see these pieces illegally dumped in the streets. This has high cost for the environment and our wallets. In general unless our furniture is made of pure metal, pure plastic or pure untreated timber it won't be recyclable. This National Recycling Week we want to show you different ways on how we can save our furniture. These tutorials will tell you how you can turn ugly ducklings into beautiful swans, save yourself some money and avoid sending valuable materials to landfill.

Rachelle from Monnow Lane Furniture shows us how she transformed a not-so-cute chest of drawers into a beautiful piece of furniture that will definitely not end up in landfill. We love her step-by-step tutorial and how easy it is to follow. You can also save lots of drawers from ending up in landfill by following or being inspired by Rachelle.