Upcycling Tutorials

Unless it is made from 100% metal or wood without any paint or other treatments, furniture cannot be easily recycled and will most likely end up in landfill if disposed through council collections. With the rise of 'fast furniture' it is not uncommon to see these pieces illegally dumped in the streets, which has a high cost for the environment and our wallets.

We want to ensure Australians know there are other options available, like upcycling, to save our old and used furniture!

Save our furniture

Upcycling not only saves furniture from landfill, but it also allows you to have incredible one-of-a-kind pieces in your home. As part of National Recycling Week 2021, we created three video tutorials to show you how we flipped three dated (and one really ugly) pieces of furniture into new and beautiful pieces!

Video tutorials

Pro Recycling Tip: Did you know that you can recycle your leftover paint and paint containers? Discover your closest drop off location here.

Want more inspiration?

To make these videos, we got some help from these amazing legends who are not only crazy talented at refinishing and upcycling furniture, but also incredibly kind as they helped us reach more people by promoting the Save our Furniture campaign. Check out their Instagram accounts for inspo.