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National Recycling Week, 7 - 13 November, is reminding Australians this year that Waste isn't Waste until it's Wasted. Our resources are FREE to use and designed to help you learn how to recycle right, reduce waste and contamination, and engage with positive sustainable actions at home, work, and in your community.

Councils, schools and community groups can add their logos to our assets for free. If you're a business, please contact us for permission to use your logo on these assets or to use the National Recycling Week logo on your own.

Please feel free to contact us with resource suggestions.


The below social media graphics have been created to support our posters and reinforce the correct behaviour for recycling at home. Please add your own caption copy and links to tailor the messaging to your councils services and community messaging.


We have created a range of mix & match posters to encourage getting the right thing in the right bin! The posters can be used by councils, school, workplaces and not for profit organisations for free. Download and print the posters, placing them above or on the bins.

Recycling & waste posters

Co-mingled recycling

Co-mingled no cartons
Co-mingled with cartons
Keep it loose

Glass containers

Glass bottles & jars

Plastic containers

Plastic containers
Soft plastics
Plastic bottles and containers lids on

Metal containers

Metal containers with aerosols
Metal containers no aerosols

Paper & cardboard

Paper & cardboard no cartons
Paper & cardboard with cartons
Office paper

Green waste & compost

All food scraps
Fruit & veg scraps
Compost all food scraps
Compost fruit and veg scraps
Compost green waste plus fruit and veg
Green waste only


General waste
Container deposit recycling

Special collection systems

Special items (A4)

Special items (small)


For National Recycling Week 2021, we hosted a Recycling 101 Webinar providing the answers to some of the most common recycling questions.

Access the FAQs from the session here.


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