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National Recycling Week is a great opportunity to get your workplace involved in new or existing recycling programs and other sustainability initiatives. Having recycling programs in place is not only good for the environment but research shows that it is also good for staff morale with three in four employees agreeing that having recycling at work makes them feel better about their employer.

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Host Recycling Trivia

Planet Ark have created a Recycling Themed Trivia package for you to use within your workplace, challenge friends, colleagues and bosses to see how much they know about recycling.

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Host a Monday Muster

Give valuable materials in your mobile the opportunity to have a new life with a fun staff engagement activity. Encourage your workplace and workers from home to recycle their old mobile phones with a Monday Muster.

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Set Up a Recycling System

There is a long list of items and materials that you can recycle in the workplace. Whether you're starting from scratch or building upon previous work there are lots of items you can recycle.

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Buy Recycled

Unless you're buying recycled, you're only doing half the job. It's all about closing the recycling loop. The more products you buy made from recycled materials the greater the environmental benefits and efficient use of natural resources. Australian made recycled products have even greater environmental benefits.

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Host a Friday File Fling

The Friday File Fling, is all about getting rid of those paper files piling up in your office and flinging it into the recycling bin! It's a fun, easy way to de-clutter and a great chance to give your desk some special attention before the silly season really kicks off.

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