Samsara Eco x SAM FOR CHANGE

Samsara Eco is an Australian technology startup leading the way in environmental technology solutions and is an Associate Sponsor of National Recycling Week.

Samsara Eco has developed an innovative method for infinitely recycling plastic using enzymes. With a focus on reducing use of virgin plastic, minimising waste to landfill and promoting a circular economy, Samsara Eco's technology is poised to revolutionise plastic management.

Enzymes are proteins that accelerate metabolic processes or trigger chemical reactions. They construct certain substances and break others down. Enzymes are found in all living organisms, and our bodies naturally produce them.

Samsara Eco has learned from existing enzymes in nature and designed their own capable of breaking down plastic into the basic building blocks (monomers) it is comprised of. These can then be reused to make new plastics, making infinite plastic recycling and a circular solution to the plastic waste crisis possible without relying on fossil fuels.

This approach has the potential to disrupt the linear economy of plastic in two ways;

1. By eliminating existing plastic pollution.

2. By eradicating the need for additional plastic production dependent on fossil fuels.

This technology presents a new perspective on “waste” as an infinite resource and offers the hope of ultimately halting the production of virgin plastic, opting instead to utilise the plastic material already present on Earth, effectively cleaning up our planet.

SAM FOR CHANGE was created to build a movement towards greater knowledge of plastic management and the possibilities for sustainability within the Australian community. The aim is to combine Samsara Eco’s infinite recycling solution and the SAM FOR CHANGE community in order to combat greenwashing and establish their infinite recycling solution as the expected norm.

Our work with Samsara Eco and SAM FOR CHANGE aims to facilitate the education of younger generations about the current plastic recycling system and to develop an understanding of enzymes, such as those utilised by Samsara Eco in their alternative plastic recycling technology.

How it works: