Recycling Near You - Plastic Bottles and Containers in the Knox City Council area

Plastic Bottles and Containers

Plastic bottles and containers are made from natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas and coal. Most plastic is not biodegradable and will persist in the environment for hundreds of years.

If your workplace or business has large quantities of plastic bottles and containers to recycle, visit to find suitable collection or pick up service options.

Find out information about the container deposit scheme in your state.

Click here for more information about single-use plastics.

Local Services

Residential is fortnightly, participating Businesses are weekly Service

Blue Lid commingled 240L recycling bin

Residential is fortnightly, participating Businesses are weekly

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Confusion with recycling plastic containers

A triangle with a number (1 to 7) inside stamped on a plastic container or bottle is part of the Plastic Identification Code.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This code identifies the type of plastic the product is - not if it can be recycled.

mobius loopPeople often confuse the 'plastic identification code' for the general recycling symbol (mobius loop), which involves three chasing arrows.

About Plastic Lids

Please check with your council for any specific local advice around recycling plastic lids. In general, we advise the following:

  • Ensure the plastic bottle is empty, and crush the bottle if possible.The lid may then be screwed lightly back onto the bottle and placed in the recycling bin
  • Most plastic lids and neck rings are the same type of plastic as the container. Even if they are not they can be easily separated.
  • Plastic lids are too small for recyclers to recover with current technology, do not place them loose int he recycling bin.