Plastic solutions

Reducing plastic use, especially single-use items, is the first port of call when it comes to addressing the environmental problem of plastic pollution. Without doubt, much more should be done domestically to increase Australia’s capacity to recycle plastic, whether that be investment in infrastructure or economic incentives and government policies to use recycled content. However, there are already some great examples of innovative programs and companies leading the way in Australia.

Australian Recycled Plastics: A facility which sorts, clean and remanufactures plastics under the one roof.

Close the Loop: In partnership with Downer, developed Tonerplas asphalt using recycled soft plastics, glass and toner cartridges.

iQ Renew: Paving the way in chemical recycling with Licella’s Cat-HTR technology for plastics that can’t be physically recycled.

Newtecpoly: Makes eWood garden beds using mixed plastic from a range of sources including printer cartridges and is the leading authority on the PolyWaste TechnologyTM which can recycle contaminated plastic.

Plastic Forests: Manufacture Mini Wheel Stops plus more from recycled plastic bags and packaging.

Replas: Produce outdoor seating, decking and more made from recycled soft plastics collected through REDcycle.

Unilever: Use 25% recycled plastic sourced in Australia for their OMO EcoActive detergent bottles.

Visy: Their PET/HDPE plastics plant makes 100% recycled bottles for companies like Coles, Natures Organics and Schweppes Australia.