Five actions to get your workplace involved in National Recycling Week

By Emma Lucey 23 October 2023

Looking for the right time to bring new sustainability initiatives into your workplace? There’s none better than National Recycling Week, and it's right around the corner.

Running from November 13-19 in 2023, Planet Ark's National Recycling Week (November 13-19) is a great chance to improve the recycling knowledge in your workplace and get involved in recycling activities.

Reducing waste and improving recycling can not only improve the environmental footprint of your business, but also improve help create a positive and engaging workplace culture while helping you save money on waste management and raw materials.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s a list of easy options to get you started:

1. Set up a recycling system

You don’t have to be a facilities manager or deal with waste contracts to make an impact. Establishing a recycling station in your office can help staff determine what common items can be recycled and encourage them to take action. Collection points for paper, printer cartridges, food waste, batteries and electronics (or ‘e-waste') can be a great way to start. 

2. Host a recycling trivia session 

Challenge your colleagues and test their recycling knowledge. Planet Ark has created a recycling trivia quiz for workplaces and groups to have a fun and interactive experience while learning the ins and outs of recycling. Discover who the recycling champion is in your workplace!  

3. Run a recycling presentation 

Want a ready-made presentation that will help get everyone in your workplace to be more sustainable? How about choosing from three downloadable options (composting, e-waste or packaging) that can be integrated into staff meetings. Each come with a script, ensuring you have all the necessary information to share with your team with minimal effort required. [Download here]  

4. Set up signage 

Clear signage around waste and recycling collection points is important for providing information and encouraging action. The best signage provides clear and concise advice while motivating employees to engage in responsible practices that lead to positive behavioural change in the workplace. You can find a range of free posters available to download here

5. Explore the ‘Workplace Recycling Guide’ for more ideas  The Workplace Recycling Guide has steps ranging from easy-to-implement strategies to ‘rockstar’ recycling options that take your workplace efforts a step further. 

And if you decide to participate, don’t forget to register your workplace to contribute to the national tally!  

Emma Lucey
Emma brings experience in digital media and communications with a background in several industries such as tourism and hospitality. Prior to joining Planet Ark in 2022, Emma spent 5 years living abroad in London & Amsterdam where she developed a greater interest in the environment and sustainability. Outside of work Emma enjoys gardening, camping and crocheting.