Fridge Checklist

Keeping track of the contents of your fridge can help you use everything before it spoils, cutting down on food waste and helping you save money! We've created this handy tool so the food in your fridge doesn't get forgotten.

How to use the Fridge Checklist at home:


If you'd like to use a tablet or smart device, open the Fridge Checklist in a PDF Reader or similar app to make changes to your checklist.


This checklist can also be laminated so that you can use it again and again with whiteboard markers. If you choose to print the checklist regularly - don't forget to recycle your used paper.

Alternatively, you can always replicate this checklist on a whiteboard or chalkboard in your home. To learn more about reducing food waste, check out our learning resources on home composting, Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) services or more on our Ways to recycle food waste page.

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