“Designing a better tomorrow” is a mantra Sheridan is embedding across its business. A vision that started 50 years ago to design quality products that last has transformed to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of the product lifecycle. With the launch of its new children’s collection, Sheridan has embarked on the journey to educate Australian kids about waste and empower them to make good recycling choices.

To amplify this initiative, Sheridan became an Official Sponsor of Planet Ark’s Schools Recycle Right Challenge in 2021. Held as part of Planet Ark's National Recycling Week activities, the challenge gives schools, educators and students the tools to rethink waste as a resource and develop creative solutions for reusing materials.

With this shared vision of educating and exchanging ideas with children, Sheridan has launched an audiobook in consultation with Planet Ark.

Dreams Can Change the World, an audiobook

Sheridan collaborated with seven children from across Australia to create the storyline. Co-created with the help of these imaginative children, the story follows a shared dream wherein they come together and use their special powers to clean waste from a river system, and touches on the idea of conscious disposal of waste and recycling.

The story aims to inspire kids to reimagine waste and come up with interesting ideas on how to use it as a resource to build new things. Play the audiobook, Dreams Can Change the World.

Sustainability at Sheridan

Sheridan has been challenging itself to reduce its environmental impact, and is working towards achieving the following goals by 2025:

  • To use 100% sustainably sourced cotton and increase the use of recycled materials across its product range. 
  • To design every new product to consider end-of-life. 
  • For 100% of product packaging to be reusable or recyclable.
  • To reduce and eliminate single-use plastics in product packaging, with any remaining being recyclable.
  • To reduce the weight of product packaging by 25%, from a 2019 baseline. 

Sheridan accepts all types of bedlinen and towels through its in-store textile Recycling Program. Additionally, 98% of its products feature the Australasian Recycling Label, with all products set to have the label on its packaging by 2022. The Australasian Recycling Label is an evidence-based recycling label that explains how each piece of packaging should be disposed of.

To learn more about Sheridan’s sustainability initiatives, visit the Sheridan website.