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No time to put together a recycling lesson?
Don’t worry, we have heaps of resources below and you can play our recorded recycling online lesson, enjoy!


Are you ready for a future beyond the bin? We have created a bunch of resources to help you recycle right! If you're looking to set up a recycling system at school, minimise waste from school lunchboxes or engage in recycled craft projects - you're in the right place.

Getting Started Guide

The Schools Recycle Right Challenge is an initiative that brings together a wide range of recycling-themed activities, lesson plans, supporting resources, and events ideas that have been developed specifically for Australian schools. The aim of this guide is to assist you in planning your school’s National Recycling Week activities.


Waste-free lunch challenge

Waste-free lunches benefit the environment by reducing packaging waste, which in turn reduces energy and resource use. Participating in a waste-free lunch activity also promotes sustainability awareness among students, parents and school staff. Download the waste-free lunch challenge to minimise waste from lunches at your school.


The School Recycling Games Guide

The School Recycling Games are designed to be an engaging, entertaining way for students to learn about the environmental benefits of recycling and how to ‘recycle right’. The physical elements of the Games will also help develop students’ fitness, motor coordination, agility, flexibility and teamwork skills.


How to set-up a recycling system

This is a step-by-step guide on how to establish a recycling system at your school. A recycling system involves collecting recyclable materials at school and taking them to (or getting them collected by) a recycler. Remember though, it is always better to reduce waste first, reuse where possible, and then recycle.


Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide

This craft guide will spark ideas for teachers and educators who want their students to learn about the importance of reusing and recycling resources for environmental sustainability. These recycled craft projects are a good way to reinforce the key messages of sustainability that are being learned elsewhere in the classroom. You’ll find projects that are suitable for students in preschool and primary school.


Ollie and the Spectral Spectacles

We partnered with Gumtree to bring you 'Ollie and the Spectral Spectacles'. The book urges children to rethink the way we understand our resources and encourages them to reduce and reuse to help them make their community and environment more sustainable.


Dreams can Change the world

Inspire Australian students to think outside the box when it comes to sustainable action with this audiobook. The story is co-written by seven Australian children about a shared dream adventure where they use secret powers to help them clean up a river that seriously needs their help.



We have created a bunch of fun activities including puzzles, word games and colouring-in sheets to help students learn about the importance of reusing and recycling resources for environmental sustainability.

ARL Activity Sheet

The Australasian Recycling Label makes it easy to put your packaging in the right bin. Have fun with the find-a-word, maze and colouring-in sheets.


ARL Memory Card Set

Have fun with this memory card set game. Mix up the cards and match the label with the item.



This crossword uses recycling related words. It’s the perfect activity for children in early primary school grades.


Recycled herb garden

Make a mini herb garden from recycled materials! All you need is potting mix, 2 Litre juice carton trays, spray bottles for watering seeds, scissors, sticky tape, fertiliser and seeds.



Find each of the items in the find-a-word. Check with your council or visit before putting any of the items listed in orange into your recycling bin.


Recycle Right Activity Sheet

Recycle Right to save energy, reduce greenhouse gases and keep valuable resources out of landfill. Games include Word Scramble, Maze and Spot the Difference.


Recycle Right Co-mingled colouring sheet

Recycle Right colouring sheet for kerbside co-mingled collections. Check with your council or visit before putting any of the items into your recycling bin.


E-waste colouring sheet

Have fun learning how to Recycle Right for different types of e-waste. Head to for more information.


Green waste colouring sheet

Have fun learning how to Recycle Right for different types of green waste.


Paper and cardboard

Have fun learning how to Recycle Right for all types of Paper and Cardboard.