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Coffee Cups

The best way to reduce disposable coffee cup waste is to choose a reusable cup. Through Responsible Cafes you can search for cafes that provide a discount to those that BYO cup.
If you do use a disposable coffee cup, recycling is a better option than sending the billions that are used to landfill.

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Coffee Cups

Why Recycle 

Bringing your own reusable cup is the best way to reduce coffee cup waste. Around one billion disposable coffee cups end up in Australian landfill every year. In landfill, the cardboard fibre of the cup releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Disposable coffee cups are currently accepted for recycling in only a handful of council collections. Issues include cups not being sorted into the paper and cardboard stream if they have not been flattened. Also if cardboard fibres remain attached to the plastic lining on the inside of the cup, it degrades the quality of recycled fibre.

Recycling options

Simply Cups has partnered with 7-Eleven to recycle coffee cups. Australians can bring their empty coffee cup to any participating 7-Eleven store for recycling. Coffee cup lids and drinking straws can also be dropped off at stores for recycling.

BioPak offers a composting solution for their BioCups and lids made from bioplastics. The RecycleMe program by Detpak will also be launched in Australia soon.

For those that take their disposable coffee cups home, contact your local council to check if they’re accepted in kerbside collections. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation is addressing the challenge of recycling disposable coffee cups though a collaborative working group.

Australians should consider a reusable coffee cup such as a KeepCup or rCUP which is made from the cups recycled by Simply Cups.

What happens when it’s recycled?

Simply Cups work with a company called Newtecpoly that has developed cutting-edge technology to recycle plastic waste into a dough-like plastic material that can be moulded into new products including rCUPs, furniture and car park bumpers.

BioCup turn their coffee cups and lids into nutrient-rich soil food. The cups are composted within 8 weeks.

Detpak, through the RecycleMe program, turns their coffee cups into office paper.

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