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Coffee Capsules

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At Nespresso, our purpose isn’t only to deliver exceptional coffee to our customers. Behind the seamless coffee experience there’s an ongoing drive to continuously improve the social and environmental aspects of our business. Sustainability is not only a commitment we have made, but an imperative component at every step of the coffee’s journey. We invest in sustainable coffee sourcing that results in better livelihoods for farmers and their communities, and have chosen a sustainable packaging solution to make sure a capsule’s life doesn’t end once it’s been consumed.

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When buying a coffee machine, that uses capsules, choose a brand that has a recycling program for the used capsules.

Supporting brands that take responsibility for the end life of their products is another way to help save waste from landfill and use it to make new products.

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Coffee Capsules

Why Recycle?

Using coffee capsules in the home or office has become popular in Australia. These capsules currently cannot be accepted in kerbside recycling bins.

Recycling via a manufacturers program like Nespresso’s can turn this waste into resources, such as turning coffee grounds into compost and aluminium can be infinitely recycled into new products.

Recycling Options

Nespresso coffee capsule recycling program has more than 22,000 collection points throughout Australia. There are four easy ways to recycle the capsules:

Check with other manufacturers to find out if they run a recycling program for their capsules. Visit Terracycle for more information on other programs. 


From the Nespresso recycling program, once collected, the capsules are sent to a specialist recycling plant where dedicated equipment separates the aluminium from the used coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are then sent to make compost and the aluminium is bailed and sent back into the aluminium industry to manufacture new products.