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Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules and pods (both plastic and aluminium) should never be put in your recycling bin at home. They can only be recycled through specialised recycling programs.


The drop-off locations in the directory are only for aluminium coffee capsules and pods. Plastic coffee capsules and pods cannot be recycled at these locations.

Coffee Capsules

Why should I recycle my used coffee capsules?

Using coffee capsules/pods in the home or office has become popular in Australia. When buying a coffee machine that uses capsules, choose a brand that has a recycling program so that you can make sure your used capsules are turned into new products. Supporting brands that take responsibility for the end life of their products is a great way to prevent waste from going to landfill.

Coffee capsules currently cannot be recycled via kerbside recycling services (i.e., your household recycling bin). There are, however, some recycling programs for used coffee capsules and pods. Recycling via these programs ensures the waste is turned into new products and materials.

The aluminium in aluminium coffee capsules can be recovered and used again to make all sorts of products, including new coffee capsules. Aluminium is a valuable material that is infinitely recyclable - that means it can be recycled again and again without any loss in quality. 

The used coffee, also known as coffee grounds, can be composted and used again to nurture vegetation. 

How to recycle coffee capsules

Aluminium coffee capsules
The Nespresso coffee capsule recycling program accepts all brands of aluminium coffee capsules. There are three ways to recycle aluminium capsules:

  • Drop off your used capsules to your nearest Nespresso store, or participating florist or garden centre – use the search bar above to find a location near you,

  • Use a bulk recycling box to collect capsules on behalf of your workplace or community,

  • Purchase an Australia Post satchel and return it through the mail once it's full ($5 per bag).

Plastic coffee capsules
If you use plastic coffee capsules or pods, check with the manufacturer to see if they offer a recycling service for customers.

Visit Terracycle for more information on other recycling services for plastic capsules. 

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