Recycling Near You - Printer Cartridges in the West Tamar Council area
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You can drop off your used or empty laser and inkjet cartridges at all Officeworks and participating Australia Post, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Office National and Office Products Depot outlets. Inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and toner bottles are accepted. This includes cartridges used in printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

If your workplace or business has large quantities of printer cartridges to recycle, visit to find suitable collection or pick up service options or register for a free 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' workplace collection box.

Council services for Printer Cartridges

West Tamar Council has listed the following locations where you can recycle your printer cartridges.

  1. Drop off Facility - Exeter Waste Transfer Station
  2. Drop off Facility - Beaconsfield Waste Disposal Site

Drop off locations for Printer Cartridges

21 drop off businesses match on Printer Cartridges within approx 60km of Beaconsfield TAS

Click the link for business details and map

Business Name Address Suburb State Postcode Lon Lat Distance (Km) Approved Provider
Officeworks /business/608 78 Lindsay St Invermay, TAS, 7248 147.1352050 -41.4410490 Invermay TAS 7248 147.1352050 -41.4410490
Harvey Norman /business/743 2 Friend Street Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.33715 -41.19181 Devonport TAS 7310 146.33715 -41.19181
Harvey Norman /business/761 Corner of William and Charles Streets Launceston, TAS, 7250 147.1393530 -41.4402820 Launceston TAS 7250 147.1393530 -41.4402820
Australia Post /business/6245 58 Main Street Sheffield, TAS, 7306 146.3252660 -41.3825250 Sheffield TAS 7306 146.3252660 -41.3825250
Australia Post /business/7979 108 Weld St Beaconsfield, TAS, 7270 146.8171400 -41.2011490 Beaconsfield TAS 7270 146.8171400 -41.2011490
Australia Post /business/8310 10 Emu Bay Road Deloraine, TAS, 7304 146.6563010 -41.5253340 Deloraine TAS 7304 146.6563010 -41.5253340
Australia Post /business/8316 88 Formby Rd Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.3628790 -41.1799760 Devonport TAS 7310 146.3628790 -41.1799760
Australia Post /business/8433 78 Macquarie Street George Town, TAS, 7253 146.8243690 -41.1067470 George Town TAS 7253 146.8243690 -41.1067470
Australia Post /business/8625 102 Hobart Road Kings Meadows, TAS, 7249 147.1598812 -41.4666718 Kings Meadows TAS 7249 147.1598812 -41.4666718
Australia Post /business/8668 68 Cameron St Launceston, TAS, 7250 147.1377210 -41.4353680 Launceston TAS 7250 147.1377210 -41.4353680
Australia Post /business/8669 111 Saint John St Launceston, TAS, 7250 147.1395909 -41.4382482 Launceston TAS 7250 147.1395909 -41.4382482
Australia Post /business/8685 1975 Main Rd Lilydale, TAS, 7268 147.2170510 -41.2498740 Lilydale TAS 7268 147.2170510 -41.2498740
Australia Post /business/8704 7 Marlborough Rd Longford, TAS, 7301 147.1221860 -41.5955280 Longford TAS 7301 147.1221860 -41.5955280
Australia Post /business/8887 3-7 Joffre Street Mowbray Heights, TAS, 7248 147.1315301 -41.4048649 Mowbray Heights TAS 7248 147.1315301 -41.4048649
Australia Post /business/9075 2 Club Dr Port Sorell, TAS, 7307 146.5398240 -41.1604413 Port Sorell TAS 7307 146.5398240 -41.1604413
Australia Post /business/9089 350 Westbury Rd Prospect, TAS, 7250 147.1254910 -41.4803290 Prospect TAS 7250 147.1254910 -41.4803290
Australia Post /business/9780 111 Gilbert St Latrobe, TAS, 7307 146.4112560 -41.2351630 Latrobe TAS 7307 146.4112560 -41.2351630
Tasmanian Printer Cartridge /business/16192 57-59 Elizabeth St Launceston, TAS, 7250 147.1394108 -41.4402269 Launceston TAS 7250 147.1394108 -41.4402269
Cartridge World /business/16194 Shop 3 / 122 Hobart Road Kings Meadows, TAS, 7249 147.1604638 -41.4680274 Kings Meadows TAS 7249 147.1604638 -41.4680274
Complete Stationery Office Products Depot - Devonport /business/17155 5B Edward St Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.3593910 -41.1792420 Devonport TAS 7310 146.3593910 -41.1792420
Second Office Launceston /business/17165 347 Wellington Street Launceston, TAS, 7250 147.1453121 -41.4545642 Launceston TAS 7250 147.1453121 -41.4545642
Officeworks /business/608 78 Lindsay St Invermay, TAS, 7248 147.1352050 -41.4410490 Invermay TAS 7248 147.1352050 -41.4410490

Pick up locations for Printer Cartridges

14 pick up businesses match your query on Printer Cartridges

Click the link for business details

Business Name Details Picks up Fees Approved Provider
Toxfree E-cycle Division Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Jackson Street Waste Management Centre Recovery has provided a pick up service for 25 years. ... Tas (Metro Area Only) May apply
MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
SRS Recycling Pty Ltd Pick up of bulk quantities only. Nationally Tas (Metro Area Only) May apply
Resource Community Pick Up Service Must be reusable goods. Resource Workers will evaluate ... Tas (Metro Area Only) May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Green Technology Recycling Pty Ltd Our free pick up service is available as long as your c... Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
WV Technologies Satisfaction guaranteed, a trusted partner. Nationally May apply
TES-AMM Australia Pty Ltd Pick up of commercial quantities only. Nationally May apply
PENTAQ Technology Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
ANZ Asset Managment Bookings are essential for Commercial and Office pick-u... Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply

About Printer Cartridges

  • Australians throw away more than 18 million printer cartridges every year.
  • This amounts to over 5,000 tonnes of material, including laser toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, photocopier toner bottles and drums, that will eventually end up in landfill.
  • When printer cartridges break apart in landfill, they have the potential to contaminate groundwater and the environment.

About Printer Cartridge Recycling

  • Printer cartridges from participating brands are accepted in the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program. This includes inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, toner bottles, fuser and drum units, fax rolls, print heads, waste hoppers / containers collectors and kits.
  • The 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program has recycled more than 34 million cartridges via 30,000 businesses and over 3,000 retail outlets.
  • The 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program is an example of an extended producer responsibility program. The six participating brands, Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera, pay for the collection and recycling of their cartridges. They are taking responsibility for the cartridges they produce.

For more information:

If your workplace consumes a lot of cartridges, you may eligible for this free cartridge recycling service. Call the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark hotline' on 1800 24 24 73 for more information.

To find out more about printer cartridge recycling

See Planet Ark's Cartridge Recycling Factsheet

Or visit the following websites