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This site contains information about the recycling and waste services offered by your council as well as local drop-off options for items including computers, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and many more. To find options near you use the Search function above or call the Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm EST).

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Extending Responsibility: RecyclingNearYou Report Released
What is the hot button issue for Australians seeking recycling services? This report highlights the individuals or groups taking responsibility for recycling particular materials and is a powerful indicator of the types of options being sought by Australians.

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Join the 5000 Shares Challenge for Australia's first ever Flash Sharing event from Global Sharing Day (1st June) to World Environment Day (5th June). Why? Sharing makes us feel happy. And decluttering makes us feel great. Now you can share things you no longer need, door to door, simply using your smartphone and TuShare. You could win $50 delivery credit AND raise money for Planet Ark just by sharing!

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