Recycling X-Ray Films in the Merri-bek City Council area - Planet Ark Recycling Near You


X-rays should not be put in your recycling bin at home. They can only be recycled through specialised recycling services.

Some organisations have recycling collection points for x-rays. If you cannot find an organisation that collects x-rays in your area, check with your council to see if there are other options. Otherwise, they can be put in your garbage bin.

X-ray films contain silver in the form of halides, which can be extracted and converted into pure silver. 

Drop-off recycling points in Victoria

CMA Ecocycle
5-11 Reo Crescent, Campbellfield, 3061. Phone: (03) 9308 9415. No fees apply. 

220 Barry Rd, Campbellfield, 3061. Phone: (03) 9357 9540. No fees apply. 

What happens to the x-ray when I recycle it?

  • X-ray films are processed in a refinery to extract the silver.
  • The x-ray films are heated using temperatures of over 1,000 degrees celsius.
  • The silver is extracted and converted into a more pure silver form.
  • The silver can then be reused for things such as silver solder, jewellery, the silver plating of utensils, electrical components and film manufacture.