Recycling Near You - Other Waste Services in the City of Kalamunda area

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Other Waste Services in the City of Kalamunda area

Below is more information from your local Council to help you further reduce your waste and impact on our environment.

Dry Cell Battery Collection Program Dry cell batteries contain heavy metals such as zinc, manganese and steel, which are non renewable natural resources. Placing your batteries in a designated battery collection bins stops them from  ending up in landfill, saving valuable metals and prevents environmental contamination.  Where can I dispose of Batteries? Forrestfield Library - Strelitzia Avenue, Forrestfield Forrestfield Forum and Marketplace - 20 Strelitzia Avenue, Forrestfield High Wycombe Library - Markham Road, High Wycombe Kalamunda Administration Office - 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda Kalamunda Central Shopping Centre - 39 Railway Road, Kalamunda Kalamunda Library - 7 Williams Street, Kalamunda Walliston Transfer Station - 155 Lawnbrook Road, Walliston

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