Recycling Near You - Other Waste Services in the Bayside Council area

Other waste

Other Waste Services in the Bayside Council area

Below is more information from your local Council to help you further reduce your waste and impact on our environment.

Council provides a collection service for a range of medical sharps. Such items can be deposited at the following local pharmacies: Vincent's Pharmacy 279 Bay Street Brighton-le-Sands McFarlands Pharmacy 19 Shaw Street Bexley North Moorefield Pharmacy 45 President Av Kogarah Athelstane Pharmacy 93 Wollongong Rd Arncliffe Centre Pharmacy 183A Ramsgate Rd Sans Souci Gilchrist's Pharmacy 465 Forest Rd Bexley Gerakaris Pharmacy 280 Kingsgrove Rd KingsGrove Humphreys Pharmacy 16 Hartill-Law Av Bardwell Park Davenport Pharmacy 36 Carlton Pde Carlton

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