It’s too hard to recycle at work

Does recycling at work feel overwhelming? Never fear Planet Ark’s Business Recycling is here. Whilst half of Australian businesses think they don’t do enough from a sustainability point of view1, the Business Recycling website provides tips to overcome the biggest barriers to workplace recycling, whether that be insufficient support from management, lack of staff training and motivation or simply the location of the bins and signage.

  • 70% of Australian businesses are concerned about waste going to landfill and 74% are concerned about plastic in oceans.2
  • 76% of surveyed businesses say they could be recycling more in their workplace. The top three reasons given for not recycling more are lack of education (44%), logistical difficulties (40%) and lack of time (25%).3
  • 72% of surveyed businesses find searching for recycling options on Planet Ark's Business Recycling website easy or very easy.4
  • Having recycling programs in place is not only good for the environment but research shows it is good for staff morale with three out of four employees agreeing that having recycling at work makes them feel better about their employer.
  • Planet Ark have developed the War on Waste Toolkit for Business that provides ten free tools no matter where your workplace is on its journey to reduce waste and recycle more.
  • Improved waste management can reduce unnecessary costs, boost staff morale, provide a competitive edge and improve environmental outcomes.

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