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What Is the big aussie swap?

Who doesn't like getting new stuff? But increasingly we, as individuals and as a community, are becoming aware of the environmental and financial impact of a throw-away culture.

National Recycling Week aims to help everyone get new stuff...without it costing the earth.

I'm Hosting a swap party

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Join others making a positive difference!

How does a Swap Party work?

Check out our Swap Party Guide video. At a Swap Party you bring along good quality items you no longer want. Exchange each item for a token. Then exchange the token for an item brought along by someone else.

It's fun, free and has a strong, positive environmental benefit. By diverting items from landfill, and avoiding buying something new, you save water, resources and reduce emissions.

Environmental Benefits

Swap Parties encourage people to reuse items, which, in turn, reduces the demand for new items. By swapping, rather than buying, a pair of jeans, a resident will save over 6,000 litres of water. Swap Parties are a good way to encourage people to reuse. Events like this, particularly if they achieve a high media profile, introduce a large number of people to the practice of exchanging rather than disposing of items.

Additionally, Swap Parties allow council educators to access an engaged audience in a fun and interactive way, and can be used to promote better recycling or other programs. The Swap Party is an ideal place to run other Council recycling or sustainability activities, or to use existing NRW materials like education posters and quiz posters.

How do I get involved?


Find An Event

Every year, there will be scores of Swap Parties around the country, hosted by councils, schools, workplaces and individuals like you as part of the Big Aussie Swap.

Host A Party

Why not be part of the Big Aussie Swap and organise your own Swap with friends, your book club or sports group?

Councils/Community Groups

To celebrate National Recycling Week, Planet Ark is inviting councils and community groups to participate in the Big Aussie Swap by hosting a public Swap Party. This is a unique, nation-wide opportunity for local governments and community groups to show their ongoing commitment to raising the profile of reuse and recycling initiatives.

Host A Party

Host your own swap! Get a group of friends or your club together to swap clothes, books and more. Our step-by-step guide and downloadable resources make it easy!

Are you a council or community group? Register your swap!


Download the comprehensive 'Big Aussie Swap Survival Guide' for everything you need to know to host a successful Big Aussie Swap Party for National Recycling Week. The Guide covers:

  • What is a Swap Party?
  • Getting started
  • Format and budget
  • Planning your Swap Party
  • Running the Swap
  • Communications and marketing
  • After the event
Quick Guide Comprehensive Guide