Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Kerbside Recycling Services in the Shire of Tammin area


Kerbside Recycling Services in the Shire of Tammin area

Below are the kerbside recycling services provided by your local Council.

Kerbside Service

Co-mingled recycling|240L|Dark Green

When Full at Refuse Site

All Residential Properties

Additional Info

The refuse site is open on Thursday & Saturday from 9am to 1pm to Tammin residents ONLY!

Taking general waste, green waste and the following recycling:

Aluminium & steel cans

Cardboard & paper

Plastic bottles and containers

Glass bottles & jars (no lids please)

Accepted Materials

Glass Bottles and Jars

Aluminium Cans

Aluminium Foil



Office Paper

Envelopes Without a Window

Envelopes With a Window

Phone Books

Pizza Boxes (clean)

Egg Cartons


Steel Food Cans

Steel Paint Cans (empty)

Steel Aerosol Cans (empty)

Aluminium Aerosol Cans (empty)

Milk cartons (fresh, no foil lining)

Milk cartons (long-life, with foil lining)

Juice cartons (fresh, no foil lining)

Juice cartons (long-life, with foil lining)

Plastic Containers

Kerbside Service

General Waste|240L|Dark Green


All Residential Properties

Accepted Materials