Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Kerbside Recycling Services in the Bayside City Council area


Kerbside Recycling Services in the Bayside City Council area

Below are the kerbside recycling services provided by your local Council.

Household and business recycling

Fully commingled 240L recycling bin


All Residential Properties

Accepted Materials

Glass Bottles and Jars

Aluminium Cans

Aluminium Foil



Office Paper

Envelopes Without a Window

Envelopes With a Window

Phone Books

Pizza Boxes (clean)

Egg Cartons


Steel Food Cans

Steel Paint Cans (empty)

Steel Aerosol Cans (empty)

Aluminium Aerosol Cans (empty)

Milk cartons (fresh, no foil lining)

Milk cartons (long-life, with foil lining)

Juice cartons (fresh, no foil lining)

Juice cartons (long-life, with foil lining)

All plastic bottles and containers

PET Bottles marked with # 1 HDPE Bottles marked with # 2 PVC Containers marked with # 3 LDPE Containers marked with # 4 PP Bottles marked with # 5 PS Plastic Containers marked with # 6 Other Plastic Containers marked with # 7

Materials Not Accepted

Plastic Bags

Bubble Wrap

Polystyrene Foam

Ceramics, Pyrex glass, Ovenware

Cups, plates, wine and drinking glasses


Light bulbs

Garden organic waste


Food scraps



Other Materials Not Accepted
  • Plastic motor oil containers. Chemical containers.

  • Recycling Tips

    Check for recycling in every room. Many items in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lounge and study can go in your recycling bin. Make sure items are empty. Items don't need to be sparkling clean, just empty. Remove solid food scraps, like pizza and leftovers. Keep recycling out of plastic bags. If you put your recycling in plastic bags, it will end up in a landfill because it can't be sorted and recycled. Make recycling easy. Place separate rubbish and recycling bins in each room of your house to make recycling easy. If you don't have enough room for two bins, try a small box or container under the bench or in a cupboard to collect recycling.

    Replacement Recycling Container

    If you need a replacement kerbside recycling container, please contact Customer Service on 03 9599 4444.