Holiday Hack


The holidays are a time for giving but it doesn’t have to mean more waste. Whether it be giving an experience, regifting, repurposing goods into something new and creative or just spreading the love – there is so much giving you can do this holiday season without costing the planet.

Experiences over things

Rather than exchanging things with your loved ones, why not undertake an experience together and make a memory that will last longer than any piece of clothing or book. From ballooning to puzzle rooms there’s plenty of options out there that don’t end up in landfill! Adrenaline, Red Balloon and Tinggly are just some of the websites that can be used to peruse and purchase experience gifts.

Close the loop

If you are that keen to give something, why not close the recycling loop in the process by purchasing gifts from second-hand or vintage stores, or items that have been made from recycled materials. You can check out Planet Ark’s Recycled Product Directory for a range of products made from recycled material. For example, Lousy Ink make artist ink from printer cartridges recycled through Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, and Oxfam sell rugs made from reclaimed cotton, wind chimes from recycled iron and glass, and placemats and jewelry made from recycled saris.

Check out The new regifting - giving recycled products.

Give the gift of charity

If none of this tickles your fancy, why not take the ultimate charity route and make a donation to an organisation in their name? From purchasing a water pump for a village to vaccines for children to paying the wages of park rangers, your gift can have a positive impact on far more people than just the one you’re giving it to. The MyCause website allows you to send a donation e-card or e-voucher for a charitable donation, as a gift for any occasion.

Give a zero waste kit and help somebody reduce their impact

Australia sends over 20 million tonnes of waste to hundreds of landfill sites around the country every year. Much of this garbage is composed of single-use items like plastic bags, plastic water bottles, disposable coffee cups and plastic straws. That’s pretty unforgiveable when there are so many readily available alternatives for these problem items.

Make tackling these problem items and reducing waste easy for your loved ones by giving them a zero waste kit!

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