Recycling Near You - Glass bottles and jars

Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass is made from three raw materials: sand, soda ash and limestone. Recycling your glass bottles and jars can help conserve these materials.

What Type of Glass is Recyclable?

Glass bottles and jars can be recycled via your kerbside collection. Drinking glasses, ceramics, plate glass (window panes) and oven-proof glass and pyrex cannot be recycled via your kerbside recycling services. This is because;

  • they are toughened glass and melt at a higher temperature than normal glass bottles and jars
  • As little as 15 grams of this non-acceptable glass per tonne can result in one tonne of valuable glass going to landfill

Source: VISY

How to prepare glass bottles and jars for recycling

  • Remove lids or caps, but no need to remove paper labels.
  • Rinse jars and empty bottles. To conserve water, wash bottles and jars in used dishwater or in a bucket with other recyclables
  • Ensure that the bottles and jars are empty and dry

Source: VISY