Recycling Near You - Drop off recycling facilities for Garden Cuttings in the Circular Head Council area

Garden Cuttings

A large amount of waste that goes to landfill is garden cuttings. This represents a wasted resource. In landfill, garden cuttings break down and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, while producing liquid waste known as leachate that can impact on the environment.

Drop-off Recycling of Garden Cuttings

White Hills Waste Transfer Station

Address: RA 22477 Bass Highway
Smithton, 7330, TAS
-40.8581120 145.1675220

Phone: 6452 4896

The following items are accepted:

  • Grass Clippings
  • Small Branches
  • Twigs
  • Garden Prunings
  • Leaves
  • Flowers

Opening hours:

Open Everyday 10am-4pm

Fees and charges:

May apply

Sorry, there are no businesses listed for you to drop off Garden Cuttings

Pick up locations for Garden Cuttings

5 pick up businesses match your query on Garden Cuttings

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Business Name Details Picks up Fees Approved Provider
Cleanaway Please contact Cleanaway on 13 13 39 to enquire about p... Tas May apply
Worms Downunder On-site systems available for purchase or lease. Nationally May apply
GuardAway Click Business Name for details Tas (Metro Area Only) May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply
A Rescue Bin Hire Click Business Name for details Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply

What are Garden Cuttings?

Garden cuttings include leaves, grass clippings, branches, hay, flowers, sawdust, woodchips and bark.

Environmental Benefits

Composting garden cuttings at home, or using council collection services can:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill
  • reduce leachate production in landfills

The use of compost in gardening, landscaping, horticulture and agriculture can:

  • reduce the amount of watering required
  • reduce the amount of synthetic fertilisers needed
  • improve the structure, fertility and health of soils
  • help to repair soils suffering from poor management

More Information

See Planet Ark's Reusing and Recycling Garden Cuttings Factsheet (download from Resources below) for further information about what you can do.

Visit the resource centre to find out more about home composting and worm farming.