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Construction and Demolition

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Bingo Industries is an Australian owned and operated waste management and recycling company in Sydney. We have over a decade of experience in providing waste management solutions to a variety of businesses and industries. Whether it's skip bins for the building & construction industry or commercial waste bins for the industrial and commercial industries. Bingo has an affordable, reliable and sustainable solution to suit your needs.

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Waste from the construction and demolition industry represents over one third of all waste going to landfill. Over 75% of this is clean, excavated material, such as concrete, bricks and timber which can often be recycled (Sustainability Victoria).

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Construction and Demolition

The links below will provide you with assistance to help you minimise your construction and demolition waste as well as the cost of sending it to landfill.

Housing Industry Association GreenSmart
Information about practical, affordable environmental measures in relation to constructing, owning and running a home.

List of Licensed facilities and what they accept