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Each link below will provide you with recycling information for the District Council of Kimba area. Using any of these services can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and ensure you place the right thing in the right bin.


Empty/Chemical Drums
Details of how to correctly dispose your unwanted chemical drums.
Other Council Services
Learn other ways to help reduce your waste to landfill.

Events & Notices

Listed below are the options available to residents for waste disposal: Kimba bottle yard Plastics Any plastics with the numbers 1, 2 or 3 inside the small triangle on the bottom of the item can now be returned for recycling. Some examples are: No. 1 plastics include fruit juice bottles, plastic salad dressing containers and clear dishwashing liquid containers. No. 2 plastics include white and coloured plastics such as Jiff and Domestos containers, shampoo and medicine bottles. No. 3 plastics include cordial and vinegar containers. Plastic milk bottles 2 Litre & 3 Litre bottles can be returned for recycling but they are non deposit. Drink Cans & bottles Any returnable drink cans & bottles with the 5 cent refund marked. Fruit boxes This also includes many other similar drink containers with the 5 cent refund marked. Tin cans Some fruit juice cans have a 5 cent deposit and are returnable. Glass Any clean glass bottles and jars can returned for crushing. White, brown, green and blue glass will all be accepted. Window glass can not be accepted due to contamination to other glass. All jars, bottles and plastic containers must have their lids removed other Paper (non-glossy) and cardboard Council will have a separate collection day beginning on 1st November. Toner and Printer Cartridges Used toner and printer cartridges can be returned to the post office to be recycled by planet ark. Mobile phones and chargers The Council office has a collection box for the recycling of old mobile phones and chargers, which is also a planet ark initiative.

There are currently no events. Information is being updated regularly, please check back again for new listings.

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