Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the City of Mitcham area


Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the City of Mitcham area

This page details a range of materials that will be periodically collected by your Council.


At-call Kerbside collection

Once a Year

All Residential Properties

Accepted Materials


Household Furniture



Scrap Timber


Additional Items
  • • Refrigerators and freezers (for safety reasons – please
  • remove doors)
  • • Floor coverings (up to 1.5 metre lengths)
  • • Sheets of iron and guttering (up to 1.5 metre lengths)
  • • Timber off cuts (up to 1.5 metre lengths)
  • • Dismantled clothes lines
  • • Blinds and window coverings
  • • Bikes and toys
  • • Air conditioners
  • • Small items of scrap metal
  • • Hot water services
  • • Lawn mowers
  • • Tree and shrub prunings cut into 2 metre lengths and
  • tied in bundles (max of 30 cm diameter)
  • • Rainwater tanks (segments no larger than 1.5 metre
  • lengths)
  • Additional Information

    When pre-booking your hard waste collection advise staff of the items to wish to dispose of. They will confirm whether they are accepted. For clarification on items please contact East Waste on 8347 5170. How much can I put out? A maximum of 2 cubic metres will be collected

    Materials Not Accepted




    Vehicle Tyres


    Vehicle Batteries

    Other Materials Not Accepted
  • Household hazardous waste
  • E-waste (TV's computers, DVDs, heaters and anything else with a plug)
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Bricks, rocks, dirt, pavers, concrete and building material
  • Car parts
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Ammunition, explosives and flares
  • Sheet glass
  • No items too heavy for two people to lift
  • Business or industrial waste

  • For more information contact:,-waste-and-recycling/hard-waste-collection
    8347 5111