Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the Hunters Hill Council area


Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the Hunters Hill Council area

This page details a range of materials that will be periodically collected by your Council.


Booked Kerbside collection (Allow lead time of minimum 2 weeks)

Twice a Year

Houses and Units

Accepted Materials


Household Furniture




Additional Items
  • Whites goods eg fridges (doors removed
  • Washing machines/dryers
  • Stoves
  • Floor covering (rolled in 2m sections)
  • Furniture (broken down if oversized)
  • Small appliances
  • Small general household items (Boxed/bagged and weigh less than 10kg/bag)
  • Additional Information

    You must book this service and receive the relevant stickers to identify your clean-up - 1300 136 460 Unbooked material will be considered dumped and you may be issued fines under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

    Materials Not Accepted




    Vehicle Tyres


    Vehicle Batteries

    Other Materials Not Accepted
  • Building materials including but not limited to fibro, plaster board, insulation bats, dirt, sand, stones, bricks, concrete, tiles and demolition material
  • Bathroom fixtures eg: toilets and hand basins
  • Mirrors and glass items including doors, tables and windows
  • Fence palings
  • Gas bottles & fire extinguishers
  • Green waste including tree trunks/branches
  • Palm fronds or garden organics with spikes/thorns
  • Paint, chemicals, solvents and batteries
  • Car bodies, engine blocks and tyres
  • Decaying materials
  • General household garbage
  • Trade waste

  • For more information contact:
    Ring Waste Customer Service to book this service
    1300 136 460