Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the City of Clarence area


Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the City of Clarence area

This page details a range of materials that will be periodically collected by your Council.


Scheduled Kerbside collection

Once a Year

All Residential Properties

Accepted Materials


Household Furniture


Scrap Timber


Additional Items
  • * furniture,
  • * household appliances,
  • * junk,
  • Additional Information

    ** During the month of the collection, on your normal recycling day, put your items out on the nature strip neatly next to, but at least 1 metre from, your wheelie bin, making sure they do not obstruct the footpath or road. * The items should fit within an area 2 metres wide by 2 metres deep and stand no more than a metre high (4 m3). The items must be able to be easily lifted onto a truck by two people.

    Materials Not Accepted




    Vehicle Tyres


    Vehicle Batteries


    Other Materials Not Accepted
  • * Paint tins.
  • * Gas cylinders.
  • * Glass, asbestos or ashes.
  • * Loose rubble.
  • * Fencing wire.
  • * Roofing Iron.
  • * Vegetable matter.
  • * Commercial or business waste.
  • * Any item longer than 1.5 metres.
  • * Items too heavy for easy lifting onto a truck by two people.
  • * Engine blocks or any other car parts.
  • * Chemicals or liquids, including engine oil.
  • * Garden refuse. This can be put out for collection on Council's green waste collection day every 4 weeks.
  • * Cardboard or other recyclables. These can be put out for recycling collection every 2 weeks,

  • For more information contact:
    6217 9690.