Chemical/Hazardous Waste Recycling in the Shoalhaven City Council area - Planet Ark Recycling Near You


It is important to dispose of chemical waste appropriately as they can have a serious impact on the environment if not handled correctly and can be hazardous if placed in the waste or recycling bins. 

Keep these out of your waste and recycling bin

Household chemical waste and hazardous materials include:

  • household cleaners,
  • automotive products
  • garden chemicals
  • paints,
  • thinners
  • adhesives
  • varnishes
  • pool cleaners
  • batteries
  • gas canisters 
  • asbestos
  • Oils
  • Fluoro tubes and globes

Please check with your council prior to dropping off materials if the materials are actually accepted at their listed depot or they may offer a chemical clean up day.

This is a directory listing. Please be aware that recyclers may currently be closed or operating shortened hours due to COVID-19. Please use the below information to contact the recycler directly and adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions in your area.





Farm Chemicals


Pool Chemicals

Paint & Solvents



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The NSW EPA is working with local councils to provide drop-off events for old or leftover chemicals found around the home.

Household quantities of the following chemicals are accepted:

  • Paint & paint related products
  • Pesticides, herbicides and poisons
  • Solvents and household cleaners
  • Motor oils, fuels and fluids
  • Batteries
  • Gas bottles & fire extinguishers
  • Pool chemicals
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Hobby chemicals
  • Fluorescent tubes

Check dates and locations for Household Chemical CleanOut events

Community Recycling Centres

Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) are permanent drop-off centres for common household problem wastes that can’t be collected via council kerbside waste and recycling collection services. NSW householders can drop off problem wastes at these centres year round, free of charge.

Items accepted at CRCs:

  • Paint
  • Gas bottles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Motor oils
  • Other oils
  • Car batteries
  • Household batteries
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fluoro globes and tubes

Visit the NSW EPA's Community Recycling Centres page for more information and locations.

What to do with other chemicals or hazardous waste

Asbestos: As asbestos is classed as a hazardous material it may only be disposed of at certain locations in Australia. To find out how to safely dispose of asbestos visit the asbestos section on this site.

Medicines: Old and unwanted medicines around the home are a household hazard and can be dangerous if taken when they are out-of-date, not prescribed for you or within reach of children. To find out how to safely dispose of unwanted and out-of-date medicines visit the medicine section on this site.

Farm chemicals: These can be disposed of through the ChemClear Program.