ARL Lesson Plans

What is the ARL?

Planet Ark developed in partnership with a set of curriculum-aligned lesson plans to make it easy for teachers to teach students the importance of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL). Each year, more than 170,000 students across Australia take one of these lessons.

These lessons are fun, engaging and highly interactive, ensuring that students will learn the importance of the ARL and will give them the confidence to identify packaging that is recyclable. Simply click on the lesson for your year level and it will take you to the site where you can download it for free.

For more information on the ARL, click here.



Year 1 & 2

Year 3 & 4

Year 5 & 6

Year 7 - 10

Year 7 - 10

Year 5 & 6 Unit

Eight lesson plans have been developed as part of this unit for years 5 and 6. The lessons have been design in a funnel, you are encouraged to take these lessons throughout the term, but you can also mix and match the topics to best suit your needs. The purpose of having a unit is to further encourage behaviour change among students by continuing talking about the ARL through the term.

These lesson plans have been aligned to Australian curriculum standards in collaboration with