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Aerosol Cans

More than 80% of Australians live in councils where empty aerosol cans can be recycled via household recycling bins. Scroll down to see if your council accepts aerosol cans, or check directly with your council. 


Aerosol cans that are not empty should never be put in recycling or garbage bins. If the aerosol still has contents inside it is a hazardous item that must be disposed of responsibly through your council's hazardous waste program. 

Butane aerosol cans or canisters such as those used for camping should not be put in your household recycling bin. They are highly flammable if any gas is remaining in them. Butane aerosol cans and canisters should be taken to your local household chemical drop-off service. 

Aerosol Cans

Why should I recycle my aerosol cans?

Aerosol cans are used to package and dispense a vast array of liquid products, from deodorants and hair spray to cooking oil and whipped cream. Australians purchase around 240 million aerosols every year, but Planet Ark research found in 2016 around 60% of Australians didn't know they be recycled at home.

Aerosols are made from either steel or aluminium, which are both infinitely recyclable materials. That means they can be recycled again and again without any decrease in quality. Recycling metals ensures the materials are used again to make new products. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and prevents new resources from being mined.

How to recycle aerosol cans

Empty, intact aerosol cans can be safely recycled in household recycling bins along with other metal packaging. If the aerosol can isn't empty, it should be disposed of through your council's hazardous waste program. Contact your council directly for more information. 

Aerosols are commonly used in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, shed, and garage. So remember to recycle them from all over the house.

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