Gumtree believes when we share more, we waste less. As Australia’s favourite online community marketplace, the platform offers Australians the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact and engage in the circular economy by buying or selling pre-loved, unused, or unwanted items. 

In 2021, Gumtree became a proud partner of Planet Ark as part of its mission to educate Australians on the importance of sustainable consumer practices and encourage participation in Australia’s growing circular economy – where materials are kept in use at their highest value for as long as possible. 

This partnership includes sponsorship of the Reuse Hub on Recycling Near You, which highlights the importance of reusing items and materials before recycling or disposing of them and educates on how to go about it.

With more than 2.8 million live listings and seven million users each month, Gumtree helps Australians divert millions of items from landfill every year.

How does Gumtree help drive the circular economy? 

One of the three principles of the circular economy is to keep products and materials in use for as long as possible. Gumtree’s online marketplace enables this by encouraging the trade of pre-loved and unused products, helping increase the lifespan of products by keeping them in circulation. Another way Gumtree supports the efficiency of resources is by changing consumer behaviour towards the “Reduce-Reuse-Repair” layers of the waste hierarchy pyramid. Gumtree marketplace users contribute to the circular economy each time they choose to buy an unused, pre-loved or upcycled item instead of buying something new. 

Waste hierarchy pyramid:

Gumtree’s annual research reports help Australians understand the potential of trading in the circular economy

Since its inception in 2010, Gumtree’s annual report on the second-hand economy has demonstrated the opportunities available to Australians when they buy and sell pre-loved, unwanted, and unused items. The reports include important data on participation rates, items diverted from landfill and insights into the motivations of users. 

In 2021, Gumtree evolved the report to include messaging and education about the important role of online trading in the circular economy. The report aims to increase the adoption of sustainable practices and encourage Australians to make smarter choices for their financial wellbeing and environmental footprint.

Download the latest report: Trading in the Circular Economy.

Why is it better to buy a pre-loved item instead of buying new?

Finding new homes for unwanted and pre-loved items ensures those materials stay in use for longer, keeping them out of landfills. It also reduces demand for new natural resources and energy to produce new products. Every time you buy a pre-loved item instead of buying something new, you’re keeping natural resources in the ground and preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere!

Gumtree’s latest research report, Trading in the Circular Economy, also found Australians stand to make a lot of money through online trading with each household holding onto $5,300 worth of pre-loved, unused, or unwanted items they could sell

Sponsorship of National Recycling Week 

Gumtree was a Major Sponsor of Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week 2021. A key focus of the program is the role every Australian plays in keeping materials in use and out of landfill, including using online community marketplaces to reduce their impact on the environment.

Schools Recycle Right Challenge

Gumtree also sponsored the 2021 Schools Recycle Right Challenge as part of National Recycling Week, which engages hundreds of thousands of students across the country in recycling education every year. With the support of Planet Ark, Gumtree released Ollie and the Spectral Spectacles, a digital book that inspires children to rethink the way we understand our resources and encourages them to reduce and reuse to help them make their community and environment more sustainable. The digibook is part of Gumtree's efforts to support students and schools around Australia and is paired with a lesson plan as part of the Schools Recycle Right Challenge.

Save Our Furniture Competition

Planet Ark and Gumtree teamed up to encourage Australians to keep furniture in use and out of landfill through a furniture flipping competition. The Save Our Furniture competition ran from the 25th of October to the 21st of November 2021, as part of National Recycling Week activities.


As part of its new Gumtree Collections interiors line, Gumtree recently released its first limited edition collection of upcycled home décor and accessories in partnership with emerging Melbourne artists Josh & Matt Design. By upcycling furniture instead of buying new and keeping pre-loved items out of landfill, Josh & Matt’s entire line saved approximately 1,136kg of CO2 emissions. That’s the estimated equivalent to the CO2 emissions of powering one Australian home for 23 days!

All proceeds from the collection will be donated to Planet Ark to help us continue supporting the adoption of a national circular economy through positive programs such as National Recycling Week. Visit Gumtree Collections to find out more about the collection, which features 25 unique, upcycled pieces originally sourced on Gumtree.