X-Ray Film Recycling Hotline

X-ray films contain silver in the form of halides, which can be extracted and converted into pure silver.

Mail X-Rays Direct

If you have small quantities, simply place them in an envelope and post to:

Quantum Technical Services

'X-Ray Recycling'

1 Deeds Road, Camden Park, SA 5038

Ecocycle Australia

National contact phone number is 133 244 

E-mail is ContactCentre@ecocycleaust.com.au

No fees apply.


Drop off your X-Rays

Quantum Technical Services

Drop Off Address: 1 Deeds Road, Camden Park
Phone: 1300 745 832
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Fee: No Fees Apply


Address: Unit 3, 2 Lafitte Road, Wingfield, SA 5013
Phone: 1300 747 339

Fees Apply

Red Cross
In South Australia, Quantum Technical Services has developed a relationship with the Head Office of Red Cross to collect x-ray films for recycling. Members of the public have been encouraged to drop off x-rays at Red Cross Centres. 08 8100 4500.

An extension of the program now involves schools who are set up with collection bins.

The relationship with Red Cross realises two benefits to the community:

  • The reduction of x-ray film to landfill sites, and
  • The revenue earned by Red Cross for the silver value of the x-ray film, which they inject back into the community.

Arrange a Pick-Up for Large Volumes of X-Rays

If you have x-ray volumes over 20kg, you can arrange a collection from:

About X-Ray Recycling

  • X-ray films are processed in a refinery to extract the silver.
  • The x-ray films are heated using temperatures of over 1,000 degrees celsius.
  • The silver is extracted and converted into a more pure silver form.
  • The silver can then be reused for things such as silver solder, jewellery, the silver plating of utensils, electrical components and film manufacture.
  • Ecocycle Australia and Quantum Technical Services will safely and confidentially destroy your records, however if you dispose of these yourself send just the film.