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Don't let mobiles go to landfill or gather dust in a drawer! Help address the e-waste epidemic by recycling your used mobile phones and accessories. Simply drop them off at a MobileMuster collection point, post them in using a free recycling satchel from Australia Post, or download a free reply paid label from the MobileMuster website. 

Mobile phones and mobile batteries cannot be recycled in your council recycling bins.

If your mobile is still working and you would like it to be reused, you could have it repaired, pass it on to family or friends, donate it to a charity, or sell it to a company that offers cash for old mobiles phones.

About Mobile Phones

  • It is estimated that over 31 million mobile phones are in use in Australia.
  • It is estimated that there are more than 23.5 million old and unused mobile phones stashed away in cupboards and drawers at home and work.
  • Over 95% of the materials in mobile phones can be recovered to make new products. The gold, silver, copper, nickel, cadmium and plastics in the mobiles can be turned into jewellery, stainless steel, batteries and plastic fence posts and pallets. The mobile phone industry claims that you can recover the same amount of gold from 50,000 handsets as from mining 110 tonnes of gold ore.

Source: AMTA

Importance of Recycling Mobile Phones

  • Throwing old mobiles into landfill can potentially be dangerous. Heavy metals such as the cadmium in the batteries could leach into the environment.

More Information on Mobile Phone Recycling Programs:

  • MobileMuster is the official mobile phone industry recycling program. It is a not for profit program that is run by AMTA (Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association) and is funded solely by its members who pay a levy on every handset they ship into Australia.
  • All mobile phones and sim cards handed in to MobileMuster for recycling are completely destroyed during the recycling process. 
  • ARP has a mobile phone recycling program that helps raise money for various charities.