NSW Government pledges $47 million to support recycling

Date: 21-Mar-18
Author: Claire Bell
The NSW Government will release a one-off package of up to $47 million to support local government and industry to respond to China's National Sword policy.

A pen that can be recycled again and again and again!

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Claire Bell
What do your recycled printer cartridges get made into? There are a range of products but one that you can use at work or at home is the Enviroliner™ pen.

Compatible printer cartridges are not what you think they are

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Claire Bell
For many it's tempting to buy a compatible cartridge for your printer rather than the branded version. They are cheaper and look the same and some may think they are greener. But, there are hidden costs.

How online sharing groups are building communities

Date: 19-Feb-18
Author: Claire Bell
A Planet Ark staffer shares how giving through an online reuse group gave her a whole new perspective on her local community and the love that can be shared between strangers.

New NT recycling education resources

Date: 12-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Northern Territory residents now have improved access to container deposit scheme information via Planet Ark's RecyclingNearYou website. In addition, councils and community groups can use new resources such as posters and graphics to promote the recycling scheme.

Our green resolutions

Date: 11-Jan-18
Author: Marty Middlebrook
There's always more ways to be green. The team at Planet Ark share their environmental goals for 2018 and how we plan to stick to them.

How to fight a festive war on waste at Christmas

Date: 04-Dec-17
Author: Claire Bell
The 12 DOs of Christmas are twelve simple positive actions to reduce festive waste

National Recycling Week tips to help win the War on Waste

Date: 19-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
With National Recycling Week now over, how are you fairing with your War on Waste? Well here are our top tips for, just in time for ABC TV's War on Waste Episode 4 to be aired in just 2 weeks time on Sunday, 3 December.

Pay it forward and get a recycled bargain on Buy It Back Day

Date: 17-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
The first ever Buy It Back Day will be held on Saturday 18 November! It will highlight the importance of closing the recycling loop and reducing waste by buying products made from recycled materials or buying reclaimed rather than new.

Inspiring story: "Charging" up local battery recycling

Date: 17-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Batteries are "charging" up the waste stream, that is, battery waste is growing fast. The sources of battery waste is increasing and come from a variety of industries such as electric and hybrid vehicles, power tools, domestic and industrial applications, power generation and renewable energy storage systems. One company is has started recycling these types of batteries right here in Australia.

Inspiring story: Making 3D printer parts from e-waste

Date: 17-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
The Sustainable Materials Research & Technology division at the University of New South Wales (SMaRT UNSW), led by Planet Ark ambassador Professor Veena Sahajwalla, focuses on research and development of green materials, made from rubbish. You'll be inspired by their innovative environmental solutions for some of the world's biggest waste challenges.

Inspiring story: Building roads from cigarette butts

Date: 16-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Cigarette butts are the most littered item in Australia. Recently, RMIT University found a way to deal with the 1.2 million tonne problem that sees the release of toxic chemicals into the environment every year. Check out their brilliant solution.

Inspiring story: Creating outdoor furniture from soft plastics

Date: 15-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
As Australia's leading manufacturer of products made from recycled soft plastics, innovation is core to Replas' business. And it's not just outdoor furniture that they make. Read on to find out what else is available.

Inspiring story: Landscaping a garden bed from printer cartridges

Date: 15-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Close the Loop is Australia's biggest resource recovery and recycling company for printing consumables and the resource recovery partner for 'Cartridges for Planet Ark'. It is driven by a promise of zero-waste-to-landfill and innovation. Some of the recycled products to come out of this initiative will amaze!

Inspiring story: Sporting fields made from tyres

Date: 14-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) is a government supported product stewardship initiative that aims to effectively reduce the environmental, health and safety impacts of the 56 million tyres (equivalent passenger units) that reach their end of life each year. Check out the results of their inspiring research projects that are providing innovation for our circular economy.

There's still time for a Fling

Date: 13-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
On Friday 17 November, businesses, schools and councils all over Australia will be flinging their old files to get good quality paper back into the recycle cycle. All workplaces who register for a Friday File Fling will have 20 chances to win 5 cartons of Planet Ark 100% Australian Recycled Paper. There's still time to register...

The missing piece of the recycling puzzle

Date: 13-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
It's National Recycling Week (November 13-19). Find out why buying recycled matters...

Mobile for a meal, recycling feeds those in need

Date: 07-Nov-17
Author: Claire Bell
MobileMuster and OzHarvest have teamed up to give Australians a great reason to recycle their mobile phones. This summer for every mobile recycled through MobileMuster they will deliver a meal to someone in need through OzHarvest.

Fight waste and get a bargain at the Big Aussie Swap

Date: 04-Oct-17
Author: Claire Bell
Planet Ark is calling on Australians to join the War on Waste and take part in the Big Aussie Swap during National Recycling Week from 13th - 19th November, as councils, community groups and individuals around the country get on board.

Epson elevates commitment to cartridge recycling

Date: 26-Sep-17
Author: Claire Bell
Epson has stepped up its partnership with Planet Ark to the highest level by becoming a Full Partner of 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'. With over 3.5 million Epson printer cartridges already recycled, this commitment will build on this 14 year product stewardship success story. So why does Epson believe this is the right thing to do?

Does your school recycle right? Take the Challenge!

Date: 21-Sep-17
Author: Claire Bell
Schools around the country are invited to join the Schools Recycle Right Challenge, a National Recycling Week initiative.

What do Smiths, Kathmandu and Jurlique have in common?

Date: 13-Sep-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
The Australian Packaging Covenant was formed by industry to strive for environmentally responsible packaging. The recent annual awards ceremony has celebrated the brands making a real difference through responsible packaging.

Keep on recycling

Date: 29-Aug-17
Author: Claire Bell
The waste and recycling industry has been under the spotlight recently causing Australians to ask "Should we keep recycling?". Planet Ark says yes, and this is why ...

Going plastic free: what does it take?

Date: 24-Jul-17
Author: Claire Bell
What does it take to go plastic free, even for a month, and what are some of the issues to consider? One of our staff member's has taken on the challenge for the month of July.

Free child car seat recycling trial

Date: 21-Jul-17
Author: Ryan Collins
A new child car safety seat recovery trial program has been set up in a number of location across Queensland, NSW and Victoria offering parents a free and environmentally-friendly option for disposing of their old child car restraints. The program ends soon so don't miss out.

The Positive Results of the War on Waste

Date: 26-Jun-17
Author: Ryan Collins
The ABC's War on Waste has taken the discussion about Australia's waste problems to new heights. And there are, already, several exciting positive outcomes with many more people looking for recycling options. It has made reusable coffee cups cool, super-sized soft plastics recycling and encouraged governments to act.

What's the Deal with Coffee Cup Recycling?

Date: 29-May-17
Author: Ryan Collins
Coffee cups. Recyclable or not? Well unfortunately it's not a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer at the moment. Find out why the confusion exists and the best way to dispose of your disposable cups.

Planet Ark pays tribute to former Head of Campaigns, Brad Gray

Date: 05-Jul-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
We pay tribute to Brad Gray, our former Head of Campaigns for his role in making Planet Ark Australia's leading environmental behaviour change organisation.

How Do We Do Better With Our Food Waste?

Date: 16-May-17
Author: Ryan Collins
According to ABC TV's War On Waste series, each week the average Australian family throws out 20% of the food they buy. That's one in every five bags of groceries! This adds up to 3.3 million tonnes of food a year, enough to fill the MCG 6 times over. So what can we do to, basically, just do better?

Thanks Australia! 13,500 Printer Cartridges Recycled Every Working Day

Date: 15-May-17
Author: Ryan Collins
13,500 printer cartridges were recycled every working day in the last year. So what does this fantastic achievement mean?

Bingo Winning The Recycling Game

Date: 12-May-17
Author: Claire Bell
Leading waste management and recycling company expands with new facility and public listing on ASX.

An Impressive 10 Million and Counting

Date: 11-May-17
Author: Laura Chalk
Ten million is an impressive number. So printer manufacturer HP is understandably proud of seeing their ten millionth cartridge recycled though the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program.

The Awful Truth About Nappies & Recycling

Date: 26-Apr-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
From the NSW Central Coast to Perth, thousands of used nappies make their way into the recycling system every day which, you have to admit, is a pretty awful thought. But it's even more disgusting when you realise that people hand-sort that recycling. Even if you don't have children read on and pass this message on to friends and family.

Three Behaviour Change Tricks for Home or Work

Date: 26-Apr-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Trying to change people's behaviour can be a challenge whether at work, home or amongst friends. Understanding behaviour change psychology can play a critical role in whether your powers of persuasion will be successful. Take a look at three tips from our new Business Case for Less Waste guide.

14 Items You Can Recycle - But Probably Aren't (Part Two)

Date: 29-Mar-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook
In the second part of this article we look at seven more items that most Australians could be recycling - but probably aren't

Win An iPad Pro by Taking Our Survey

Date: 21-Mar-17
Author: Ryan Collins
If you've used, then we'd like your feedback to make our service even better for you. Give us 5 minutes of your time to fill out the survey and you could win an iPad Pro or other tablet of your choice worth up to $850! Take the survey now...

Big Data Combatting Big Litter

Date: 16-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
Technology and big data are helping individuals to create a litter free world in a connected and even fun way.

4 Ways to Make the Business Case for Less Waste

Date: 14-Mar-17
Author: Ryan Collins
The new guide that makes the business case for less waste. Save money, get a competitive edge and improve staff morale

14 Items You Can Recycle - But Probably Aren't (Part One)

Date: 01-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
Australians have embraced recycling with more than nine out of ten people recycling at home. But as the industry continues to grow and expand the range of products and materials you can recycle continues to grow. In this two-part series we showcase 14 items you can recycle - but probably aren't.

Dispose of the Disposable Coffee Cup

Date: 01-Mar-17
Author: Claire Bell
With a staggering 50,000 disposable coffee cup going into landfill in Australia every 30 minutes (yep every 30 minutes), it's time to dispose of our disposable coffee cup addiction. And to help you we're giving away 10 Planet Ark Keep Cups.

Five Steps to Turn Back the Tide of Plastic

Date: 27-Feb-17
Author: Alicia Jooste
Ocean plastic is a huge problem and it can feel overwhelming. But there are easy, positive actions you can take to help turn the tide of plastic. Check out this list of ideas. Find out more..

Tetra Pak Sets Industry Benchmark with Science Based Target Approval

Date: 16-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
Tetra Pak, the maker of milk and juice cartons used by billions around the world, is the first company in the food packaging industry to have their climate reduction targets approved by the Science Based Target (SBT) initiative. This initiative helps companies determine how much they must cut emissions to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

Approval to Shred Massive Tyre Stockpile in Tasmania

Date: 07-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell
A massive pile of more than a million used tyres stockpiled in Norther Tasmania is finally facing the shredder.

Five Easy Changes For a Lower Waste Lifestyle

Date: 04-Jan-17
Author: Claire Bell
Get your new year off to a green start with a few simple actions that will soon become easy habits. Adopting a lower waste lifestyle is easier than you might think.

The Circle of (Tree) Life

Date: 23-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Whatever kind of tree you have this Christmas, make it last. Whether it's a potted one to keep for years to come, a cut live or fallen branch that could be mulched, to a good quality artificial one that will keep on giving year after year. We've got tips for keeping the circle of (tree) life going.

Do De-clutter, Then Recycle

Date: 22-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Planning a post-Christmas clean out? Put it all back to work while you're on holidays! We've got tips on donating to charities or recycling that wood, door and window frames, concrete, bricks, tiles and all sorts of other materials.

Thanks for helping make 2016 a great year!

Date: 19-Dec-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Our mission is to help Australians take positive environmental actions, that's only possible thanks to our sponsors and partners

Cleaner Christmas Travel

Date: 19-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you travelling across town to see Nanna at Christmas? Or are you taking the family to another state for a summer holiday? Many people travel at Christmas but how do you make it as environmentally friendly as possible? We've got tips to make your trips clean and green with Do # 10.

The Secret to Battery-Powered Gifts

Date: 17-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
If you're giving a battery-operated present one of the best things you can do for the recipient (and the planet) is to include rechargeable batteries and a charger. It'll save them money and reduce the amount of energy and natural resources that go into producing single-use batteries. Check out Do # 9 Batteries Included.

Magically Turn Your Mobile Into a Meal

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
It's great to spread the magic of the festive season. Especially when you're doing something positive for the environment AND people in need. So for every mobile you recycle with MobileMuster, they will donate the value of a meal to OzHarvest to help feed those in need across the country.

Easy Electrifying Recycling

Date: 15-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you getting a new mobile, computer or printer for Christmas? We've got tips on how to make sure the old device and accessories finds a new home, either with someone or with a recycler. We're up to Do # 8 of the 12 Do's of Christmas!

Recycle Right At Christmas

Date: 13-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Brandy custard cartons? Mince pie trays? Squirty cream aerosols? Can these festive materials be recycled? Check out our top tips to ensure you're recycling all the festive food and drink packaging you can over Christmas.

Be Like Santa and Make A List

Date: 12-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Australians throw out about $1,100 worth of food each year and this is most pervasive at Christmas. Collectively that's more than $10 billion of food going to landfill. Check out ways to combat this like making a shopping list (and sticking to it), portion control and composting at home.

Don't Worry, Be Appy!

Date: 11-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
One thing you don't need to worry about this Christmas is what goes in the recycling bin! That's if you download the RecycleSmart App which draws data from Planet Ark's RecyclingNearYou website. It includes recycling information about every Australian council and helps users find options more than 170 household items. It's a Christmas gift to use all year round!

How To Eco-Wrap a Present

Date: 07-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Remember how your Grandma would save string, ribbon, paper and bows? Well she had the right idea as re-using and recycling paper is one way to eco-wrap a gift. Check out our other tips to make our natural resources and your budget last longer with Do # 4 of the 12 Do's of Christmas!

The Gift of an Experience

Date: 06-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Christmas gifts don't need to cost the earth. In fact, they can help spread appreciation of its beauty. Whether it's an underwater or above land experience, donating babysitting time or cooking, we've got plenty of thoughtful, green gift suggestions with Do #3 of the 12 Do's of Christmas.

Do Celebrate Less Waste at Work

Date: 04-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Tis' the silly season but that doesn't mean you have to be silly with workplace waste. We've got great tips so no matter how much fun people are having at Christmas parties, it's easy to recycle right. Check out Do #2 of the 12 Do's of Christmas.

Do Durable Decorations or Make Your Own

Date: 02-Dec-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Are you buying and throwing out Christmas decorations every year? Well our first DO of Christmas can save you money, reduce wastage and provide ideas for crafty, family traditions!

Unwrapping Festive Packaging Recycling

Date: 01-Dec-16
Author: Claire Bell
Is the squirty cream aerosol can recyclable? How about the brandy custard carton or the broken champagne glass? The festive season means lots of drinks, snacks and party food. Which, in turn, means lots of extra packaging, which can be hard to avoid. Being organised and knowing what's recyclable is one way to avoid sending resources into landfill.

How to Reduce Spending and Your Eco-Footprint This Christmas

Date: 30-Nov-17
Author: Ryan Collins
With Australians spending over $1,000 at Christmas, some forward planning for meals and presents can lead to big savings for your wallet and eco-footprint.

Soft Plastic - Scrunch and Recycle

Date: 25-Nov-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Soft plastics, the kind that can be scrunched into a ball, are among the biggest problems in the kerbside recycling system. In fact 8 out of 10 councils consider them the number one problem as they get caught in the recycling machinery.

Cleaning Up Confusion for National Recycling Week

Date: 07-Nov-16
Author: Ryan Collins
A report released for National Recycling Week shows Australians are keen recyclers, but most are still making mistakes

New Endorsement - Soft on the Environment and You

Date: 03-Nov-16
Author: Claire Bell
CEO Paul Klymenko and ABC Tissue Products' Brand Manager Loretta Lau announce Naturale Toilet Tissue, our newest endorsement

Planet Ark Launches 100% Recycled Office Paper

Date: 02-Nov-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Your choice in office paper matters and with the official launch of Planet Ark Paper on the 30th October 2016 your choice has been made easy. Planet Ark Paper has been produced to help make the use of recycled paper mainstream. Currently office paper has a recycling rate of about 70% but less than 18% of new reams have high-recycled content.

Zero Waste Audit Results for 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' Program Partner

Date: 28-Oct-16
Author: Claire Bell
The results of the annual audit of Close the Loop, the Resource Recovery Partner for the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program, have just been finalised. And great news, the audit has issued Close the Loop with yet another Zero Waste to Landfill certificate for 2016.

The Naturale Schools Recycle Right Challenge Kicks Off

Date: 12-Oct-16
Author: Ryan Collins
The Naturale Schools Recycle Right Challenge is underway for 2016 as part of Planet Ark's National Recycling Week. Running until 11 November, the initiative provides free recycling activity guides, curriculum aligned lesson plans and Australian school event ideas for teachers and students. Find out how environmental awareness and recycling knowledge can be taught by doing and having fun!

Giving Coffee Pods Another Life

Date: 12-Oct-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Do you find it hard to kick into gear without a shot of caffeine? Maybe you have an instant hit, plunge into the day, visit your favourite barista or make your own with a coffee pod machine.

It's Time For Another Fling

Date: 04-Oct-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Last year more than 5,000 people had a Fling for National Recycling Week. A Friday File Fling that is! Whether you work in a large office, a school or even out of the front room at home, you're likely to have good quality paper sitting idle in a filing cabinet. That paper could be put back into the recycling stream and turned into brand new 100% recycled office paper or toilet tissue. We've collated information and resources to help you host a Fling in your workplace on or around 11 November. Register your whole workplace, your team or even just yourself.

Post Back Your Post Packs

Date: 30-Sep-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Have you ever stood at the bin wondering whether something goes in the garbage or the recycling? You're not alone! Our research shows that confusion is one of main reasons recyclables end up in the garbage and contaminants, like plastic bags, end up in the recycling. The Australian Recycling Label has been designed by Planet Ark to clear up that confusion and we're happy to say Australia Post has joined the growing list of businesses displaying the label. Find out more...

5 Photos You Can Take to Help the Environment

Date: 30-Sep-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
You don't need a fancy camera to take a photo and you don't need to be a professional to make an impact. It's the age of the digital image and you can use them to have fun, dob in a dumper or celebrate nature. We've put together 5 ideas for you to use photos to do good, for yourself and for the environment. Find out more ...

Donating Your Old Smartphone Could Change Someone's Life

Date: 02-Sep-16
Author: Ryan Collins
With an estimated 25.5 million unused mobiles in homes and businesses around Australia, a potential life changing device could be sitting in your drawer. MobileMuster and Able Australia are calling out for old smartphones to support those Australians with no hearing and sight and help them reconnect with friends, family and the wider community.

Provide Feedback and Win One of Five Battery Chargers

Date: 01-Sep-16
Author: Ryan Collins
So far over 200kg of batteries have been collected through the Toowoomba Rechargeable Battery Recycling Trial. And with only a few days left of the free trial, we're asking for your thoughts on battery recycling. By filling in the 2 minute survey, you could win one of five Energizer Compact Battery Chargers.

The Rise of the Coffee Pod Machine

Date: 09-Aug-16
Author: Ryan Collins
With coffee pod machines becoming more and more popular, the resulting waste is also increasing rapidly.

How to Recycle Whitegoods

Date: 25-Jul-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Approximately 1.3 million fridges, freezers and air conditioners reached their end-of-life in 2012, with annual disposal rates predicted to increase to 2.2 million units by 2024. Luckily, there are options to refurbish, reuse and recycle these and other whitegoods. But how?

Recycle Right and Have a Cuppa

Date: 22-Jul-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Now you can sit down and relax with a nice cup of tea knowing you've disposed of the packaging correctly. T2 is the latest company to have products appearing in stores displaying the Australian Recycling Label.

Toowoomba is Buzzing About Free Rechargeable Battery Recycling

Date: 11-Jul-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Residents in Toowoomba can recycle their used rechargeable batterys - free of charge - as part of a trial program.

A Quick Recycling Guide To 3 Tricky Items

Date: 30-Jun-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Recycling can be tricky! Here's a guide to the top three searches on Recycling Near You, so that you can be a recycling guru

Working It Out At Officeworks

Date: 30-Jun-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Planet Ark's new Australian Recycling Label is starting to appear in stores and answers recycling questions specific to individual products

Cash For Containers In NSW - It Pays To Recycle

Date: 09-May-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Containers in NSW will be worth 10 cents a pop from July 2017, ensuring our parks, beaches and streets will be cleaner

Mother's Day green gift ideas

Date: 06-May-16
Author: Sara McGregor
Is your mum over cliched, useless gifts? Here are some ideas that won't break the bank or the planet...

Reimagining Rubbish as a Resource

Date: 27-Apr-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Necessity is driving the move towards a zero waste approach. To make the shift we need to innovate and think of waste materials as a resource.

Selfie Challenge - #WhatsNotToLove

Date: 22-Apr-16
Author: Ryan Collins
"It's easy to use, good for the environment and free of charge. What's not to love?" That's how one participant described 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'. So we've created the Selfie Challenge with the hashtag #WhatsNotToLove and are asking you to show us you love recycling cartridges. Take a photo, tag us and share it to win one of three $200 Biome gift certificates, plus more. Simple! Find out more...

Fashionable Questions - Who Made Your Clothes and Where Do They End Up?

Date: 18-Apr-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Fashion Revolution Week, April 18-24, is a global movement that starts with the question "Who made my clothes?"

What's the Deal With Business Waste?

Date: 30-Mar-16
Author: Ryan Collins
What motivates businesses to increase their recycling? What are the barriers to better management? What do they see are the benefits? Our new report, titled 'What's The Deal With Business Waste?' answers these questions and examines the attitudes and beliefs of small to medium businesses and the actions they can take.

Four Eyes For Recycling

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
You might see clearly with your frames on, but it's not always clear if glasses can be recycled or not. We've found some options so your old frames can have a new life and help those in need to get optimal optics.

Give Dumpers A Lesson

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Despite Australia being known for it's natural beauty some people still choose to dump waste on the streets. There are now tools to help you report illegal dumping

A Tablet for Your Thoughts

Date: 03-Mar-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Tell us what you think of the website and you could win a tablet of your choice worth $750!

Have A Light Bulb Moment With Broken Bulbs

Date: 12-Feb-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with a broken fluorescent light bulb? Their mercury content can be dangerous, so follow our guide to safely cleaning them up

Power Tool Battery recycling creates buzz in Brisbane

Date: 10-Feb-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
The Power Tool Batteryback recycling pilot program has collected almost two tonnes of batteries for recycling since its launch in September 2015.

Get Your 2016 Environment Action Planner

Date: 28-Jan-16
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Whether you want cartridge recycling box, get in contact with nature or plant a tree - we have a campaign for you

Look Who's Recycled 30 Million Cartridges

Date: 15-Jan-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Well done Australia! We have just hit 30 million cartridges recycled since 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' began in 2003.

Love a Tree

Date: 23-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Whether you're a fan of that genuine pine aroma or you prefer the utility of an artificial tree, you can keep your tree a little bit greener this Christmas. Cut live trees can have a second life as mulch or compost to help enrich the soil of other plants, while artificial trees can be reused for decades if properly cared for. It's the 12th Do of Christmas!

'Tis the Season to De-Clutter

Date: 21-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Is the shed or garage full of old and broken bits and pieces? Is there a DIY renovation job that you've been putting off? The Christmas and New Year break is a great time to start over, to get those nagging jobs done, to tidy and de-clutter the house and to put valuable resources back to work.

Recycle your old mobiles & help the Salvos

Date: 10-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
If you are dreaming of a new mobile phone this Christmas don't forget to recycle old mobiles and accessories in a safe, secure and ethical way. To give you a little incentive, MobileMuster will donate $2 for every kilogram of old mobile phones and accessories collected during December and January to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

'Appy' Christmas gift from Planet Ark

Date: 01-Dec-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Check out the free smart phone app to answer all those tricky waste and recycling questions. A gift to use year-round

Save the date! 'Waste Not, Want Not' Day is coming

Date: 30-Nov-15
Author: Ryan Collins
TechCollect is calling for businesses to mark December 8 in the calendar to create a more sustainable workplace! Check out the four great tips for businesses to make a difference on 'Waste Not, Want Not' Day.

Make Recycling at Work, Work

Date: 13-Nov-15
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Replacing a single recycling bin with desktop paper trays increased the recycling rate for paper from 28% to 94%. Simple actions can have a big impact at work.

Let the Flings Begin

Date: 13-Nov-15
Author: Marty Middlebrook
All around Australia today people are having office Flings and it's not too late for you to join in. Put some time aside today, go though your drawers and fling you old, unwanted files. If you register today you'll also receive a carton of Reflex White 100% Recycled paper.

Recycling Role Models

Date: 12-Nov-15
Author: Marty Middlebrook
There is positive change happening in waste and recycling in some of Australia's best known companies. A pet food manufacturer has achieved zero waste to landfill and a wine maker made the switch to 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging. Find out how these high performers achieved these feats.

Test Your Recycling Knowledge!

Date: 03-Nov-15
Author: Marty Middlebrook
How much of this skip bin can be recycled? Win prizes and test your knowledge with the Recycle Right Quiz

Getting Your Recycling Sorted

Date: 03-Nov-15
Author: Claire Grant
Even though Australians are good recyclers, there are many questions. National Recycling Week has the answers

New Label Makes Recycling Easy

Date: 06-Oct-15
Author: Marty Middlebrook
Planet Ark is very proud to launch its new Australian Recycling Label, which has been designed to address both customer confusion and the desire for on-pack information.

Garage Sale Trailing Right Around Australia

Date: 30-Sep-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Garage Sale Trail is one big day of Garage Sales happening in every state for the first time on Saturday October 24th. And there are so many benefits to jumping on board.

An Office Fling Is Good For Circulation

Date: 23-Sep-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Paper is the largest contributor to waste generated by offices in Australia. Fling some Files this Friday for National Recycling Week

Awake to the Fun of Recycling

Date: 23-Sep-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
"There are so many bits and bobs in products out there that I didn't know could be recycled and I until I started working for Planet Ark, I never noticed just how much plastic was in everything" -Emily Donnelly, Planet Ark's PR & Media Coordinator.

Declutter Your Office E-waste for FREE

Date: 14-Sep-15
Author: Claire Grant
Do you need to declutter the office of old electronics? Telstra have teamed up with ECOACTIV to offer an easy solution with an eCycle box scheme that can be picked up for free.

Power Tool Battery Recycling Pilot Launches in Brisbane

Date: 04-Sep-15
Author: Ryan Collins
In a single year more than 3 million power tool batteries reach the end of their life. Now Brisbane tradies and renovators can recycle them free of change.

Reduce Your Pet's Paw Print

Date: 19-Aug-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Whether you're a cat person or a dog person, it doesn't matter. Pets can have a significant paw print and here are a few ideas that can help reduce it.

Bagging Waste

Date: 10-Aug-15
Author: Ryan Collins
A small change to the packaging of tea bags helped Unilever eliminate 28 tonnes of waste heading to landfill.

Wise Words From An Eleven-Year-Old

Date: 24-Jun-15
Author: Maya Grant and Planet Ark
It's often said that kids are our future. Fortunately many of them are thinking creatively about how we can all live more sustainably.

E-Waste Busters

Date: 28-May-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Each year, we at Planet Ark receive thousands of enquiries from Australians wanting to know how they can recycle their e-waste. Is there a pick up service? Can I put my TV on the street? What about DVD players, are they accepted? Well, we're here to answer those questions and bust a few of myths so you know exactly what to do with your old electronics.

Identifying Asbestos

Date: 28-May-15
Author: Brad Gray
During much of the 20th century, asbestos was considered a wonder-product and helped improve the performance of building materials, but would you know what to do if you found it in your house today?

One House, Four Hours, Four Tonnes of Recycling

Date: 24-Apr-15
Author: Brad Gray
If your household is like most Australian homes you recycle diligently. But how much do you think you could recycle in one four-hour period?

The art of upcycling

Date: 13-Apr-15
Author: Madeleine Dore
Re-purposing discarded objects through art and design could inspire consumers to be more conscious and provide solutions to the world's waste problems.

Happy Eco-Easter!

Date: 01-Apr-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Easter is a busy and fun time of year but it doesn't need to come with an Easter bunny shaped eco-footprint.

Creative Composting

Date: 26-Feb-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Food waste makes up over one-third of household waste and when it ends up in landfill it creates methane, which is a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Clean Clothes for Sensitive Souls

Date: 26-Feb-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
The list of ingredients in common washing powders can read like a recipe of synthetic chemicals. It's easy to see how some products can trigger allergic reactions in both adults and children and cause harm to the environment as well.

Planet Ark Ambassadors Honoured

Date: 28-Jan-15
Author: Brad Gray
In this week's Australia Day Awards two of Planet Ark's ambassadors - Layne Beachley and Jackie French - have been recognised for their contribution to Australia.

Turning Trash Into Treasure

Date: 21-May-14
Author: Jess McCallum
Have you ever worn out or broken a prized possession; something that you're devastated to have to part with? Maybe a favourite mug, a gorgeous umbrella or comfortable old, t-shirt? With a little creative re-use or up-cycling you won't have to say good bye. So we thought we'd share some creative ways the Planet Ark team has given old items a new life; and they're so easy, you can do it too! Find out more...

Donate your old Smartphone* and help a Deafblind person

Date: 25-Jun-15
Author: Ryan Collins
MobileMuster and Able Australia as part of Deafblind Awareness Week (20-27 June) are urging people to support Australia's deafblind community by donating their unwanted working smartphones* (including batteries and chargers) before 31 July 2015.

28 Million Reasons To Be Proud

Date: 27-May-15
Author: Ryan Collins
We have just hit 28 million cartridges recycled since the program began! So what does this mean for the environment?

Special E-Waste Collection - 16th May

Date: 12-May-15
Author: Claire Grant
This coming Saturday 16th is a great opportunity to recycle that old computer that's taking up space in the cupboard or that clunky old TV that's filling up the shed.

The Circle of Life

Date: 27-Apr-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Innovative programs like 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' are an essential part of a growing circular economy, a closed loop process in which we recycle valuable materials to keep them in the productive economy for as long as possible. We can all choose to participate. But how?

Breaking the Barriers to Workplace Recycling

Date: 11-Mar-15
Author: Ryan Collins
Australians are great recyclers at home, but when it comes to work, we are falling down on the job. Planet Ark has identified a number of key barriers to workplace recycling and some simple actions to overcome them.

Changing Batteries

Date: 12-Feb-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
We use batteries almost every day; in TV remotes, smoke alarms, watches, mobile phones, computers and children's toys. However, even though batteries are recyclable, around 8,000 tonnes or 97 per cent end up in landfill each year.

Recycle Your Mobiles and Help The Salvos

Date: 15-Dec-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Throughout December and January if you recycle your old mobiles and accessories at any of MobileMuster's collection points across Australia, MobileMuster will give $2 to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal for every kilo they collect.

12 Do's for a Greener Christmas

Date: 02-Dec-14
Author: Claire Grant
Unwrapping a new gadget might provide a short-term high, but with more active SIM cards on the planet than people, it comes with an environmental impact . Global sales figures for smartphones, tablets and PCs, are projected to reach 2.4 billion devices for 2014, and that figure is tipped to grow into next year .

E-Waste Recycling Box

Date: 02-Dec-14
Author: Ryan Collins
MobileMuster has teamed up with Storage King and ECOACTIV to provide a responsible recycling option for mobile phone (and their accessories) as well as other small electronics, many of which aren't included in free collections that operate under the National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Think Outside The Bin

Date: 15-Nov-14
Author: Claire Grant
As of 2014 there are more active SIM cards in the world than people. This brings into sharp focus the need for recycling options for items not accepted in kerbside recycling bins including mobile phones, e-waste, printer cartridges and soft plastics.

Feel Good Recycling

Date: 14-Nov-14
Author: Ryan Collins
The Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers shows that recycling at work is good for the environment as well as for staff morale. The reports shows that 78% of Australians agree that having recycling options at work either would, or does, make them feel they are working for a responsible employer. Find out more ...

Do It In The Bathroom

Date: 11-Nov-14
Author: Ryan Collins
While most Australians are star recyclers in the kitchen, when it comes to the other rooms of the house their recycling skills tend to go to waste meaning recyclable items like aerosol cans and shampoo bottles are ending up in landfill.

Know the Facts

Date: 10-Nov-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Even though aerosol cans are easily recyclable, 66% of Australians aren't sure what to do with them. This is just one of the surprise findings in Planet Ark's Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers report.

Fling Those Files for Free Recycled Paper

Date: 07-Oct-14
Author: Claire Grant
Paper is the largest contributor to solid waste generated by workplaces and although paper has a high recycling rate, there are literally thousands of tonnes of paper stored in folders, files and drawers that will never be used again. Workplaces can host a Friday File Fling on 14th November as an easy-to-organise, positive way to engage colleagues and to get good quality paper back into circulation. The first 1,000 registrants will receive a free ream of Reflex White 100% Recycled paper.

High Standards Gets Green Tick For MobileMuster

Date: 04-Aug-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Australia's first voluntary product stewardship scheme has been formally accredited by the Federal Government.

Householders Asbestos Disposal Scheme for NSW

Date: 01-Aug-14
Author: Ryan Collins
The NSW EPA has awarded $781,000 to 24 local government areas to participate in a trial asbestos disposal scheme. The trial will run for 12 months, until July 2015, to minimise the burden on householders who want to do the right thing with their asbestos waste.

Extending Responsibility: RecyclingNearYou Report Released

Date: 14-Jul-14
Author: Ryan Collins
What is the hot button issue for Australians seeking recycling services? This report highlights the individuals or groups taking responsibility for recycling particular materials and is a powerful indicator of the types of options being sought by Australians.

Share Door to Door on Global Sharing Day

Date: 29-May-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Join the 5000 Shares Challenge for Australia's first ever Flash Sharing event from Global Sharing Day (1st June) to World Environment Day (5th June). Why? Sharing makes us feel happy. And decluttering makes us feel great. Now you can share things you no longer need, door to door, simply using your smartphone and TuShare. You could win $50 delivery credit AND raise money for Planet Ark just by sharing!

From Toner to Tarmac

Date: 30-Apr-14
Author: Ryan Collins
The last thing you'd expect to do after recycling your printer cartridges is to drive over them but now you could! Due to the development of a new product that turns residual toner into road surface, the recycled material, which is being rolled out in streets around Australia right now, makes road surfaces stronger and reduces their carbon emissions. Pretty amazing! Find out more...

E-waste drop-off event in Canberra

Date: 09-Apr-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Leaving old TVs and computers at local charity sites is a form of dumping for which there are no excuses. Find out about the next e-waste drop-off event in Canberra.

How to Ensure E-Waste is Recycled Properly

Date: 03-Apr-14
Author: Ryan Collins
You can prevent e-waste from damaging environmental and human health by choosing reputable recyclers. The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme provides the standards to ensure this does not occur.

South Australians - Clear The Shed of Hazardous Waste...

Date: 20-Mar-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Do you have leftover paint, insecticides or chemicals? Don't risk your family's health. Check out how to dispose of them safely.

NSW EPA Crackdown on Tyre Retailers

Date: 18-Feb-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Half of NSW tyre retailers are unaware of their disposal responsibilities a recent audit found...

Post Christmas recycling Do's!

Date: 26-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Found yourself with a bigger pile of wrapping paper, Christmas cards and a tree that's quickly starting to droop? Check out how you can save them from landfill...

Share N Save Site Launches

Date: 13-Dec-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Connecting local communities in SA to share, swap and save provides benefits aplenty. It's collaborative consumption which TIME Magazine says is one of the 10 ideas that will change the world.

Simple actions for a merry green Christmas

Date: 28-Nov-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Over the festive season, we eat, drink, party and buy more than any other time of the year, generating more waste and using more resources. Planet Ark is offering 12 simple tips that can make a big difference to your environmental impact and your budget over Christmas...

The cost of business waste

Date: 17-Sep-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Australian businesses are spending more than $2.2 billion each year on waste services, of which $1.4 billion is spent on waste to landfill. As waste disposal costs increase, it makes financial sense to look for recycling options for the wide range of waste materials generated by businesses.

How much did the #BigLifeSwitch recycle?

Date: 27-Aug-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Supported by Planet Ark, MobileMuster and TES-AMM, Vodafone's #BigLifeSwitch visited Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in July. It recycled 1,271.5 kg of mobile phones, TV remotes, pedometers, music players, digital cameras and game consoles, in just one week!!

Revving Up Battery Recycling

Date: 20-Aug-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Century Yuasa recycles 98% of car battery components, a much needed service for the 7.6 million consumed each year. Find out how you can safely dispose of your car battery...

The Path to Positive Packaging

Date: 16-Jul-13
Author: Ryan Collins
The Australian Packaging Covenant provides industry with tools to design and dispose of consumer packaging more sustainably. Find out what it is and what it does for your products and your environment...

The Packaging Paradox

Date: 12-Jul-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Ever needed a knife to open the packaging of that new knife? Sick of plastic wrapping around your fruit? There is a hotline to help...

Tasmania Says Goodbye To Plastic Shopping Bags

Date: 20-Jun-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Come 1st November 2013, Tasmania will be the fourth State/Territory to implement a plastic bag ban. Read on...

TechCollect's Free E-waste Service Lands in Darwin

Date: 17-May-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Special computer and TV collection events this weekend at two locations in Darwin. Find out where and when...

'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' turns e-waste into opportunity

Date: 29-Apr-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Printer cartridges contain valuable metals such as steel, aluminium and copper, much of which can be recycled, so it's important that people continue to recycle them. The recycled materials can be turned into pens, rulers, chemical spill clean up kits, and in eWood applications such as park benches, fencing and signs.

E-Waste Recycling World Record Attempt

Date: 12-Apr-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Australians are world-leading recyclers - just look at the 21 million printer cartridges recycled by 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'. And now, between the 20th and 28th April we can help TechCollect set a world record for the most TVs, computers and printers recycled. Find out how you can help and let your friends and family know. Read more...

Burning Rubber

Date: 11-Apr-13
Author: Zo Zhou
More than 48 million tyres reach the end of their life in Australia each year, and RecyclingNearYou and companies like Kmart Tyre and Auto Service are helping to ensure that they don't end up in landfill or worse. Find out how you can be part of the solution...

Old Mobiles Help Change Lives

Date: 20-Mar-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Salvos Stores will get $2/kg of mobiles collected in-store from MobileMuster in a new partnership. Read on...

Free TV & Computer Recycling Events this Weekend!

Date: 23-Feb-13
Author: Ryan Collins
In 20 event sites across Australia, householders and small businesses can drop off their old TV and computers for recycling. Read on for the list of locations...

An Australian first - Free soft plastic recycling at Coles

Date: 15-Feb-13
Author: Ryan Collins
Frustrated by plastic bag waste? Wish you could recycle your biscuit packets and bread, rice and pasta bags? Well you can now recycle all these soft plastics and more at 376 Coles stores covering Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Read on...

See Story of Stuff co-creator Annie Leonard live in Melbourne

Date: 11-Feb-13
Author: Zo Zhou
MobileMuster is bringing Annie Leonard to Australia as part of the Sustainability Living Festival (SLF) in Melbourne, which runs from the 9th-24th of February. Co-creator of the enormously successful The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard, leads the international line-up in this year's Festival at two talks, The Story of Stuff (Fri 15 Feb) and The Story of Change (Sat 16 Feb)...

12 Do's of Christmas Photo Competition winners

Date: 29-Jan-13
Author: Zo Zhou
Congratulations to the 12 Do's of Christmas Photo Competition winners! We received 21 fantastic entries of all the special things our recycling fans were doing to keep their Christmas green. Check them out...

Take the RecyclingNearYou Survey

Date: 11-Jan-13
Author: Ryan Collins
We would love your input to help us make it even easier for Australians to recycle. Simply take our 2 minute user survey and have your say in how to improve the Recycling Near You website and hotline. Tell us what worked and what didn't...

The 12 Do's of Christmas

Date: 03-Dec-12
Author: Zo Zhou
Christmas is a time of joy and festivities, but it is also the season when households generate extra waste. Aussies are tipped to spend an incredible $10 billion on food this December, but can you guess how much of that we actually ends up in landfill? To find out, and to learn more about Planet Ark's guide for a greener Christmas, read on...

Second Nature - Recycling In Australia

Date: 12-Nov-12
Author: Zo Zhou
For most Australians recycling the newspaper, aluminium cans and milk cartons they use at home has become second nature, but we're still throwing 22 million tonnes of waste into landfill each year. Planet Ark's new "Second Nature: Recycling in Australia" report details the current state of recycling, how we got there, and where we're heading.

Free TV and Computer Recycling Launched in NSW

Date: 09-Nov-12
Author: Ryan Collins
In the lead up to National Recycling Week 2012 the NSW launch of TechCollect, the new free TV and computer recycling program was held at Randwick City Council's Perry Street depot today.

Zero Waste to Landfill Audit results for 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'

Date: 24-Oct-12
Author: Ryan Collins
The results of the recent Zero Waste to Landfill Audit have been finalized. Read on to find out more...

Recycle Your Batteries for FREE at Aldi

Date: 17-Oct-12
Author: Zo Zhou
Not sure what to do with used batteries? Feel guilty when you throw them into the garbage? Every Aldi supermarket is now a collation point for free AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batter recycling. Recycling batteries helps recover valuable materials and keeps dangerous materials out of the environment. Find out more...

Pass the Can and help us educate kids

Date: 25-Sep-12
Author: Janet Sparrow
Do you remember playing pass the parcel? Well get ready to play the 21st Century version - Pass the Can! This new Facebook app is set to raise funds for Planet Ark to develop recycling education lessons for Aussie school kids. Join the fun, crush a can then pass it on. Every pass generates a $1 donation.

Businesses recycling the right way

Date: 17-Sep-12
Author: Jess McCallum
Businesses concerned about doing the right thing with their waste, both legally and environmentally, have been thrown a lifeline by Planet Ark, which has developed a checklist for choosing the right recycler to help ensure their business waste is recycled correctly.

Extra Extra newsprint recycling efforts in Australia lead the world

Date: 24-Aug-12
Author: Ryan Collins
Australia has come out ahead in its recovery and recycling rate for newsprint for 2012, keeping with a steadily high trend set in the last two years. According to an annual report from the Publishers' National Environment Bureau, 77.7% of all Australian newsprint was recovered compared to the average 70.0% recycling rate for newsprint in Europe.

Famous faces celebrate 10 years of cartridge recycling!

Date: 30-Apr-12
Author: Janet Sparrow
Renowned singer Kamahl and media personality Tim Webster are just two of the famous faces helping 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

Winners of Schools Recycle Right Schools Competition

Date: 20-Mar-12
Author: Lucy Band
The winners of the Tetra Pak 'Schools Recycle Right Challenge Schools Competition' have been chosen. Find out which schools have won some great prizes.

Snap a recycling bin and win an iPad 2!

Date: 12-Jan-12
Author: Zhi Yan
You could win an iPad 2 and VIP tickets to the 2012 Beachley Classic, just by sending in a photo of a recycling bin. It's that easy!

Wherever the party this summer, score points for the environment

Date: 05-Jan-12
Author: Zhi Yan
Wherever the party this summer, celebrate the environmentally friendly way by recycling all of your aluminium cans. Australians are good at recycling aluminium cans at home, but Planet Ark and campaign ambassador, eight-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley, want to see more aluminium cans recycled at parks, beaches, workplaces, schools and other public spaces.

Our new sponsor .... Alcoa Foundation

Date: 17-Dec-11
Author: Zhi Yan
Planet Ark is delighted to announce that Alcoa Foundation is now a Major Sponsor of the RecyclingNearYou campaign.

The 12 Do's of Christmas

Date: 15-Dec-11
Author: Lucy Band
Whether it's Christmas on a budget or a Christmas of splurging, Planet Ark's 12 Do's of Christmas will help Australians reduce their environmental impact this festive season while still celebrating the festive season with friends and family.

Recycle Your Mobile Phone Securely

Date: 09-Nov-11
Author: Lucy Band
New research conducted by the mobile phone industry's official recycling program, MobileMuster, has revealed that 76 per cent of Australians would feel more confident recycling their old mobiles if they knew how to delete or save the data stored on them*.

Round Up Your Old Mobiles - It's Free and Easy

Date: 03-Nov-11
Author: Lucy Band
The 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program and MobileMuster have teamed up to help you, your colleagues and your workplace recycle your printer cartridges and mobile phones in one easy step.

Choosing the Right Recycler

Date: 03-Nov-11
Author: Lucy Band
Ensuring your waste is recycled correctly and legally can be as easy as asking a recycler the right questions. Check out our guide for 'Choosing the Right Recycler.'

Recycle Your Car Battery to Help Planet Ark

Date: 16-Aug-11
Author: Until the 11th September, when you take your used car battery into any Battery World store for recycling you'll receive $15 dollars off the price of a new Century or GS Yuasa car battery - and Planet Ark will receive $5 to help with our recycling programs.

Treading Lightly on the Environment

Date: 29-Jul-11
Author: Planet Ark is proud to announce Dunlop Flooring and Flooring Xtra as new supporters of the National Recycling Week initiative. Flooring Xtra will help you tread more lightly on the Earth.

Canon's 2011 Environmental Grants Program is Now Open

Date: 17-Jun-11
Author: Lucy Band
Each year Canon Australia awards five grants to the sum of $5,000 to projects or organisations that can demonstrate a positive impact on Australia's natural environment and communities. Read on to find out more.

Congo Bans Plastic Bags To Fight Pollution - World Environment News

Date: 10-Jun-11
Author: Lucy Band
The Republic of Congo has banned the production, import, sale and use of plastic bags in a move to fight environmental pollution in the Central African nation, government spokesman Bienvenu Okiemy said Thursday.

'Giving Consumers the Environmental Edge'

Date: 08-Jun-11
Author: Lucy Band
Planet Ark has launched Environmental Edge, a series of information-based television advertisements designed to help consumers understand the environmental benefits of a range of products and services.

Opt-in option for Sydney and Melbourne

Date: 20-May-11
Author: Sensis is about to commence an 'opt-in' service for the Residential White Pages for Melbourne and Sydney residents.

Happy Birthday, 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'!

Date: 03-May-11
Author: In the program's first 8 years, enough cartridges have been collected to fill over 30 Olympic swimming pools or almost 100 jumbo jets.

Konica Minolta sets a challenge

Date: 28-Apr-11
Author: Konica Minolta has set itself the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions throughout its product lifecycles by 80% by 2050.

Australia closer to achieving a product stewardship scheme for TVs and Computers

Date: 23-Mar-11
Author: Zhi Yan
The introduction of the Product Stewardship Bill into parliament is an exciting step forward for extended producer responsibility.

Help us celebrate our 18th birthday and win prizes

Date: 10-Mar-11
Author: Tell us what you would like to see Planet Ark achieve in the next few years, and you'll go in the running to win a share in over $900 worth of prizes!

'Eco-trade' Campaign Makes Vacuum Cleaner Recycling Easy - and 15% More Rewarding

Date: 03-Mar-11
Author: Zhi Yan
During March 2011, take advantage of this great initiative by Dyson and The Good Guys to recycle your unwanted vacuum cleaner AND get a 15% discount off a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

A Big Win For The Northern Terriorty Environment

Date: 25-Feb-11
Author: Lucy Band
Yesterday landmark Environmental legislation was passed in the Northern Territory Parliament - banning plastic bags and introducing a container deposit scheme.

Help us give a duck

Date: 15-Dec-10
Author: Zhi Yan
This summer, you can help Oxfam and MobileMuster give ducks to families fighting poverty in Mozambique - just by recycling your old mobile phone!

File Flinging Prevents 13 Tonnes of Hot Air

Date: 03-Dec-10
Author: Lucy Band
Participants in National Recycling Week's Friday File Fling have made fantastic environmental savings and they're ready to do it again next year. Find out more.

The Journey of Jeans - Watch It Now !

Date: 05-Nov-10
Author: Lucy Band
Watch this short animated clip that follows the journey of a pair of jeans from crop to swap, narrated by Melissa Doyle, co-host of Sunrise and Big Aussie Swap ambassador. If you like what you see, then pass it on - post the video on your work website, facebook, blog or send the link on to others. The more swapping the lighter our footprint.

Office Flings Are Flooding In

Date: 21-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
Registrations for the Friday File Fling are flooding in from across the country. It's an easy to organise and fun staff engagement activity.

Australian Waste & Recycling Expo 2010

Date: 08-Oct-10
Author: Lucy Band
The inaugural Australian Waste & Recycling Expo 2010 is happening this November at Sydney Olympic Park. Don't miss out on, find out how to register here...

Demand for E-Waste Recycling Keeps Growing

Date: 15-Jul-10
Author: Zhi Yan
Finding recycling options for Computers and Electronics has remained the number one concern for visitors to this website for the second year in a row.

Recycling within reach of small business

Date: 24-Jun-10
Author: Lucy Band
The most extensive directory of recycling services in Australia will be launched by Planet Ark today to help business owners and operators save money and reduce waste.

Recycle Your Green Bags

Date: 07-Jun-10
Author: Amy Nancarrow
From 3 - 17 June you can drop off your old or unwanted reusable shopping bags for recycling into outdoor school furniture.

Recycle a can, offset your journey

Date: 01-Feb-10
Author: Michelle Cook
Offset your next car journey simply by recycling your aluminium cans

RecyclingNearYou Upgrade

Date: 28-Jan-10
Author: Brad Gray
Planet Ark is proud to announce the first stages of an extensive upgrade of the website

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