Recycling Near You - Glasses (sight and reading) recycling in the Shire of Shark Bay Council area
Glasses Recycling Hotline

PersonalEYES collect prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses to donate to some of the poorest people in the South Pacific Region. The collection program is determined on a trip to trip basis.

Please post your glasses in a padded bag to:

PersonalEYES Donate Glasses
PO Box 301
Parramatta NSW 2124

Call: 1300 683 937


The following Optometrists accept donations or spectacles:

Sydney, NSW

Claire Kynaston Optometrist 

Shopping Centre, Evans Avenue 

Eastlakes NSW 2018‎(

(02) 9667 3545



Why donate your glasses

Collected glasses are distributed worldwide to communities in need. In some of these communities an eye exam can cost a month's wages, consequently poor eyesight often goes untreated, leading to further complications.

The simple donation of unwanted glasses can make a huge difference to someone living in less fortunate circumstances.