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Clothing & Textiles Recycling Hotline

Worn / Damaged / Unsaleable Clothing

Some charities are able to sell worn / damaged / un-saleable clothing to companies that recycle the clothing/textiles for industrial rags or other textile byproducts. Please contact your local charity to find out if they accept clothing for recycling. 

Items that are suitable for industrial rags should be:

  1. Clean - no dirt, oil, grease, paint, blood
  2. Absorbent materials only - no denim
  3. Suitably sized - the minimum cut size for rags is 400mm square. Children's clothing is usually too small.

Preferable items include T Shirts, towels, flannelette, sheets - especially white materials. If your items do not meet the above criteria, please do not put them in charity clothing banks/boxes. Unsuitable items will be sent to landfill and the charity will incur a disposal cost.

Please check with the charity concerned on acceptance criteria as other garments may be reused or recycled for purposes other than rags.

H&M Clothing Retailer has a Garment Collection programme for any clothing or textiles which they reuse of recycle. They currently have stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Some clothing (preferably natural fibres) can be used for weed matting. A community garden, Landcare or Bushcare group near you may have a use for worn clothing. Contact your local council to find out if any of these groups operate in your area. Or can be composted.

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Drop off locations for Clothing and Textiles

12 drop off businesses match on Clothing and Textiles within approx 60km of Westbury TAS

Click the link for business details and map

Business Name Address Suburb State Postcode Lon Lat Distance (Km) Approved Provider
Lifeline /business/10746 4 Kempling St Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.3502420 -41.1762030 Devonport TAS 7310 146.3502420 -41.1762030
Lifeline /business/10747 23 Murray St East Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.3695570 -41.1798410 East Devonport TAS 7310 146.3695570 -41.1798410
Lifeline /business/10750 116 Gilbert St Latrobe, TAS, 7307 146.4099365 -41.2353606 Latrobe TAS 7307 146.4099365 -41.2353606
Salvation Army /business/10757 157-161 Invermay Road Invermay, TAS, 7248 147.1354800 -41.4223820 Invermay TAS 7248 147.1354800 -41.4223820
Salvation Army /business/10764 405 - 407 Hobart Road Youngtown, TAS, 7249 147.1686370 -41.4890350 Youngtown TAS 7249 147.1686370 -41.4890350
Gleecraft Centre /business/16294 89A Gilbert Street Latrobe, TAS, 7307 146.4101440 -41.2349470 Latrobe TAS 7307 146.4101440 -41.2349470
City Mission /business/17655 46 Frederick Street Launceston, TAS, 7250 147.1386890 -41.4416710 Launceston TAS 7250 147.1386890 -41.4416710
City Mission /business/17656 351 Hobart Road Youngtown, TAS, 7249 147.1689680 -41.4843490 Youngtown TAS 7249 147.1689680 -41.4843490
City Mission /business/17657 67 Ravenswood Road Ravenswood, TAS, 7250 147.1745950 -41.4256000 Ravenswood TAS 7250 147.1745950 -41.4256000
City Mission /business/17658 67a Georgetown Road Newnham, TAS, 7248 147.1257860 -41.3898660 Newnham TAS 7248 147.1257860 -41.3898660
City Mission /business/17659 140 Westbury Road Prospect, TAS, 7250 147.1351447 -41.4704162 Prospect TAS 7250 147.1351447 -41.4704162
City Mission /business/17660 52 Don Road Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.3326280 -41.1812190 Devonport TAS 7310 146.3326280 -41.1812190
Lifeline /business/10746 4 Kempling St Devonport, TAS, 7310 146.3502420 -41.1762030 Devonport TAS 7310 146.3502420 -41.1762030

Pick up locations for Clothing and Textiles

10 pick up businesses match your query on Clothing and Textiles

Click the link for business details

Business Name Details Picks up Fees Approved Provider
Jackson Street Waste Management Centre Recovery has provided a pick up service for 25 years. ... Tas (Metro Area Only) May apply
Oz Recycle - Australian Online Recyclers Community Our service is Internet based. All Pick-ups are arrange... Nationally Free
Resource Community Pick Up Service Must be reusable goods. Resource Workers will evaluate ... Tas (Metro Area Only) May apply
Smiths Cleaning Rag’s Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
City Mission Click Business Name for details Tas May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply
Shred-X Document Destruction Services available from a "One Off" collection through ... Nationally May apply
Shred-X Document Destruction Services available from a "One Off" collection through ... Nationally May apply
Shred-X Document Destruction Services available from a "One Off" collection through ... Nationally May apply
Shred-X Document Destruction Services available from a "One Off" collection through ... Nationally May apply

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Many charities sell second-hand goods and clothing via shops. They're great places to pick up a bargain and help a great cause at the same time!

If they're in good condition, many charity stores will also accept unwanted household items such as clothing, accessories, bric-a-brac, books and even furniture.

Before setting out to donate unwanted items to a charity shop, however,please contact them first to ensure that they can accept your unwanted items.

If your workplace or business has large quantities of clothing, textiles and other second hand goods to recycle, visit to find suitable collection or drop-off service options.

Other Clothing Donation Programs

Dress For Success and Fitted For Work are both programs in Australia that help women experiencing disadvantage to find work and keep it. They do this by providing free professional attire, career mentoring and development, and transition-to-work programs. Visit their websites to find out what type of clothing is suitable to donate or other ways that you can help.

Shoes For Planet Earth is a non-profit organisation that works with local and international communities and companies to provide reused running shoes to those in need around the world. They have drop-off locations in NSW, VIC and QLD. As well as running shoes (no broken soles or holes please) they're also happy to accept insoles and spare laces.

Uplift Bras collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever needed. For women in the developing world a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. In 2011, bras were sent to the Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Northern Territory. Uplift Bras have drop-off collection points in all state/territories in Australia.


To donate furniture to a good cause, contact your local charities to see if they accept donations of furniture. To search for commercial second-hand furniture shops, go to this page and enter your location details.

About Charity Stores

The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) ensures that all the collected goods and proceeds are used exclusively for their welfare programs. (*) If there are NACRO members in your area, these are listed above and marked with an asterisk.

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