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X-ray films contain silver in the form of halides, which can be extracted and converted into pure silver.

Mail X-Rays Direct

If you have small quantities, simply place them in an envelope and post to:

Quantum Technical Services
X-Ray Recycling
7/220 Barry Road
Campbellfield  VIC  3061

Tel: 1300 247 266

CMA Ecocycle Australia

National contact phone number is 1300 32 62 92

No fees apply


Licenced by the EPA and have 5 recycling centres in 5 states.
03 9357 9540  (National service)
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X-Ray Films

Collection service:

Email for collections

There is a collection fee that will be quoted depending on location and quantities.

About X-Ray Recycling

  • X-ray films are processed in a refinery to extract the silver.
  • The x-ray films are heated using temperatures of over 1,000 degrees celsius.
  • The silver is extracted and converted into a more pure silver form.
  • The silver can then be reused for things such as silver solder, jewellery, the silver plating of utensils, electrical components and film manufacture.
  • CMA EcoCycle Australia and Siltech will safely and confidentially destroy your records, however if you dispose of these yourself send just the film.