Recycling Near You - Steel Cans

Steel Cans

Steel cans are most commonly used as paint containers, aerosol cans and for packaging food. Steel cans are recycled through most kerbside recycling services. The recycled cans are reprocessed into new things like cans, railway tracks and also car parts.

About Steel Can Recycling

  • Steel is one of the world's most recycled products and is 100% recyclable
  • Making steel from recycled cans uses 75% less energy than when producing steel from raw materials
  • 17.5 million steel cans are recycled each week in Australia - this is equivalent to the amount of steel needed to build 900 family sedans

Source: The Steel Can Recycling Council - Cansmart

How to recycle your steel cans

  • Use a magnet to check if it's steel. If it sticks, it is steel
  • Empty the can and take the lid completely off
  • Place any loose metal lids, including jam jar lids and bottle tops, inside the can
  • Squeeze can at the top to save space in your recycling bin or crate and also to stop possible contaminants from getting into the can

Source: The Steel Can Recycling Council - Cansmart

Want more info

For more information on steel can recycling, visit the Steel Can Recycling Council website - CanSmart