Recycling Near You - Re-use Centres in the City of Cockburn Council area

Re-use centres

Reuse Centres are generally either community-based not-for-profit organsiations or 'tip shops'.  They are great places too look for just about anything, including materials used in arts, crafts, home renovations and education.  Some reuse centres also run educational workshops.

Re-use Centres in the City of Cockburn Council area

Don't send your usable unwanted household items to the tip - drop them off at a Re-use Centre in your local area. Make your waste become someone else's treasure!

The Cockburn Reuse Shop

920 Rockingham Road

Henderson Waste Recovery Park

Wattleup WA 6166


Items Collected

Household items that would have previously been crushed under a landill compactor are being given a new lease of life, thanks to the Reuse Shop at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park. The Reuse Shop is another way the City of Cockburn is ensuring products are being re-used to their maximum potential, instead of going to landill. Landill staff remove items from the waste stream, check for re-use potential, and then value and display them for sale. People who may miss the annual junk verge collection can take items to The Reuse Shop for the cost of a trailer pass or standard entry fee, when delivering other waste. Visits to The Reuse Shop are free-of-charge if not delivering any rubbish. (Pets are not permitted inside the Reuse Shop)

Outside your Local Government Area

The following organisations may not have come up in the search results for your local area, but may still be in a relatively convenient location for you: