Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Kerbside Recycling Services in the Greater Shepparton City Council area


Kerbside garden and/or food services in the Greater Shepparton City Council area

Below is a list of Kerbside garden and/or food services provided by your council

Kerbside Organic Service

240L Bin with the Green Lid


All Residential Properties

Accepted Materials

Grass Clippings

Small Branches


Garden Prunings




Fruit Scraps

Vegetable Scraps

All Food Scraps (including meat)

Small Timber Offcuts

Additional Materials
  • Twigs not more than 100mm thick

  • Materials Not Accepted

    Household Garbage

    Plastic Bags/Bin Liners

    Building Rubble/Materials

    Garden Equipment

    Tree Stumps

    Rocks, Bricks, Dirt, Soil or Sand

    Painted, Stained or Chemically Treated Timber

    Large Tree Trunks

    Pot plant containers


    Organic Recycling Tips

    Tips on how to use your green organics collection service Your green organics service is for the collection of lawn clippings, pruning’s, weeds, vegetable scraps and the like. In some circumstances the contents of your bin may become odorous. These conditions may arise when air is not able to flow through the contents of the bin, for example if the material is very wet and water accumulates in the bottom of the bin. Although the bins are vented, the air flow may not be sufficient to remove all moisture from the contents. The following tips may assist householders avoid these conditions: Try and cut lawns when the grass is dry at the end of the day If possible schedule your garden maintenance close to your collection day. For example, if you cut your grass fortnightly, time it so that lawn clippings are only in your bin for a few days. Is it possible to stockpile your garden waste and load the bin just before collection day? Place woody type material in the base of the bin so that any accumulated moisture will not become odorous. Loosen the contents of the bin occasionally to aerate material and also to break up grass clippings that have become crusty. Wet grass clippings can form a crust that prevents the contents leaving the bin during the collection process.

    Replacement Recycling Container

    If you need a replacement kerbside recycling container, please contact Greater Shepparton City Council phone 03 5832 9700.