Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Kerbside Recycling Services in the Melton City Council area


Kerbside garden and/or food services in the Melton City Council area

Below is a list of Kerbside garden and/or food services provided by your council

Optional Green Waste Collection

240L or 120L Greenwaste Recycling Bin with a Green Lid

Fortnightly (alternate week to recycling collection)

All Residential Properties

Accepted Materials

Grass Clippings

Small Branches


Garden Prunings




Additional Materials
  • Small logs & raw timber offcuts (up to 10cm in width & 30cm in length)

  • Materials Not Accepted

    Household Garbage

    Plastic Bags/Bin Liners

    Building Rubble/Materials

    Garden Equipment

    Tree Stumps

    Rocks, Bricks, Dirt, Soil or Sand

    Painted, Stained or Chemically Treated Timber

    Large Tree Trunks

    Pot plant containers

    Food/Vegetable Scraps


    Animal hair


    Vacuum cleaner dust

    Wood ash

  • Large Logs
  • Nappies
  • Sanitary items
  • Dead animals
  • Garden hoses

  • Organic Recycling Tips

    Food scraps generate high amounts of harmful methane in landfill. You can help reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfill however, by recycling your food scraps via worm farms, compost bins and pet chickens.

    Replacement Recycling Container

    If you need a replacement kerbside recycling container, please contact Melton Council phone 03 9747 7200 email