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Research finds Aussies have faith in Planet Ark's endorsement program

April 17, 2019

Josh Cole

One in three Aussies have purchased a product endorsed by Planet Ark, who were also rated as the #1 organisation for operating in a environmentally friendly and ethical manner.

It’s always nice to receive positive feedback and Planet Ark has been showered with good news lately  Firstly, we were rated by Australians as the #1 organisation for operating in a responsible, sustainable, environmentally friendly or ethical manner in Mobium Group’s latest Living LOHAS 6 survey*.  Secondly, recent research by Pollinate found that one in three Australians have purchased products endorsed by Planet ArkIt’s encouraging to see more environmentally responsible products available on supermarket shelves, but all the choice can be confusing for consumers. By choosing products with the Planet Ark logo consumers can be confident they’re making environmentally responsible choices. Planet Ark undertakes an in-depth audit of products and only endorses those that have a lower impact on the environment than other competing products.  The research by Pollinate also showed that two-thirds of Australians have purchased products made from recycled paper in the last 12 months. This is fantastic as it’s just as important to buy products made from recycled materials as it is to recycle. The success of the recycling industry depends on consumers, businesses and government buying products made of out of recycled materials.   Naturale toilet tissue and paper towels are great examples of the kind of product that Planet Ark proudly endorsesThe range is not only made from 100% recycled office paper, but their production uses less water and energy than equivalent virgin paper products. The company also looks after its waste, as Naturale cardboard cores can be recycled in kerbside bins and the soft-plastic wrap can be recycled through REDcycle bins, found at Coles and Woolworths. These factors combined make the products environmentally responsible and is the reason why Planet Ark is proud to recommend them to Australians.  We’re happy to see consumers are on the same page, with two-thirds seeing a Planet Ark endorsement as a clear indicator that a product is a good environmental choice. Planet Ark will continue to raise awareness about the importance of buying products made from recycled materials and try to reach and connect with the one-third of Australians who aren’t sure what a Planet Ark endorsement actually means.  Having been rated by Australians as the #1 reputed organisation for acting in an environmentally friendly, sustainable or ethical manner, you can be sure we have done our homework on the products we endorse and that you are making a good environmental purchase.  Find out more about Naturale and Planet Ark’s other endorsed products here. 


*In a survey of 2,522 Australians conducted in 2018 by independent research firm, Mobium Group, Planet Ark was nominated by more Australians as ‘operating in a responsible, sustainable, environmentally friendly or ethical manner’ than any other brand or organisation’.

Josh Cole

Josh comes to Planet Ark after a stint in legal communication and from a background in print journalism. He studied Communications and Media as a mature age student in Wollongong where he re-discovered his love for the natural environment.