It’s fine to put plastic bags and other soft plastics in the recycling bin

Here's why

  • Common offenders - Soft plastics1 (like bread bags and bubble wrap) and bagged recyclables are the most common offenders according to councils2
  • Processing problems  Soft plastics and plastic bags get caught in the machinery and cause processing problems. They can also contaminate the paper and cardboard recycling streams along with other, more easily recyclable types of plastics. 
  • Bagged recyclables – They can not be sorted and are manually removed with the whole bag sent to landfill, wasting your recycling efforts.

Choose your actions!

  • Plastic bags and soft plastics such as rice, pasta, lolly, chip packets and bubble wrap can be dropped off at Coles and Woolworths stores for recycling by REDcycle 
  • Keep your reusable shopping bags in the car or work bag so you remember them. 
  • Buy products with minimal or no packaging or buy in bulk to cut down on the amount of soft plastics you consume. 

1There are a handful of councils that can accept bags and soft plastic

2National Recycling Week 2018 From Waste War to Recycling Reboot Report