Recycled products are in limited supply

Here's why

There’s no denying that the uptake of recycled content around the world has been a little on the slow side. However, many people would be surprised to find out just how many products and packaging materials have recycled content. Planet Ark research showed most people are unaware that products like road surfaces (40%), carpet (50%) and steel cans (32%) can be made from recycled content.1

  • Everyday products have recycled content - Aluminium beverage cans, steel food cans, newspapers, cardboard boxes and glass bottles and jars all have some recycled content. And there are many more!
  • rPET - By the end of 2019, 7 out of 10 of Coca-Cola's plastic bottles will be made entirely from recycled plastic (rPET).
  • Business innovation - Innovative businesses are driving the use of recycled materials in a range of commercial and industrial purposes, from glass and printer cartridges in road surfacing to tyres in playground equipment and soft plastic in outdoor furniture.
  • Close the loop - Buying it back means you're saving the resources and energy that go into making products from virgin materials, reducing the need for mining, conserving raw materials and reducing waste going to landfill.
  • Recycled target - In late 2018 the Australian Government joined business leaders to announce a target of 30% average recycled content in all packaging regardless of the material by 2025.

1Planet Ark commissioned research by Pollinate 2017

Close the recycling loop

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