Items put on the nature strip will be sorted out and recycled by councils

Here's why

  • Illegal dumping - Unfortunately, illegal dumping is a continued problem faced by councils and charities nationwide. In fact, 64% of councils in NSW alone face up to 100 incidences of illegal dumping each year and are subsequently burdened with associated clean-up costs.1 
  • Bulky goods collections - Your council may offer options  and guidelines for bulky goods collections. These may differ in different areas. 
  • Recycling - Residents have more options than ever when it comes to recycling and responsible waste disposal. Many councils offer free recycling for white goods, electronic waste and mattresses.

Choose your actions! 

  • Check what services your council provides for bulky goods or chemical cleanouts at RecyclingNearYou.
  • Find drop off locations near you for items such as mobile phones, printer cartridges, televisions, computers, whitegoods, paint and more RecyclingNearYou.
  • For ideas on how to repair, donate, trade or exchange pre-loved items, check out Planet Ark’s Reuse Hub. 

1NSW Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017-21

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