I should keep hold of my old phone in case I need it in the future

Here's why:

When moving on to a new mobile phone, many of us struggle to get rid of our old one. However, research shows that 73% of Australians never use their old phones again, even if they’re in working condition.1 There are 25 million old mobile phones stored away in drawers across the country.

Choose your action!

  • Reuse: You might be able to repair your old phone. The mobile phone manufacturers and network providers can help extend the life of your phone through their repair, reuse and trade-in programs. If you’re replacing a functioning mobile phone, try selling it for a bit of extra pocket money. Reuse programs including Boomerang Buyback, Mazuma Mobile, Mobile Monster and Phone Cycle all offer payment for trading in your old phone.
  • Recycle: If your phone doesn’t have any resale value or has stopped working, then it can be recycled free of charge by MobileMuster. Find one of their 3,500 collection points nationwide on RecyclingNearYou.

1MobileMuster research